New Car Seat Won’t Let You Forget Your Baby in a Car

New Car Seat Won’t Let You Forget Your Baby in a Car

Walmart and Evenflo are teaming up to create a new infant car seat with the aim of preventing hot car deaths.

The seat borrows an idea already found in today’s vehicles: if the seat belt isn’t buckled, the car will make an audible noise. Along the same lines, the new car seat would trigger a series of tones if a child is still buckled in and the ignition switch of the vehicle has been turned off, reminding drivers that there’s a child in the vehicle.

According to nonprofit, an average 38 children die each year due to hot cars and surprisingly in about half the cases, children are simply forgotten about in the car seat. Surprisingly, parents often forget to drop a child off at daycare.

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Called the Evenflo Advanced Embrace with SensorSafe infant car seat, it will retail for about $150. It features a wireless receiver that plugs into a car’s on-board diagnostic port and syncs with the chest clip that goes around the baby. The car seat won’t require Bluetooth, a smartphone or any other devices. It will be exclusive to Walmart for a year and is currently available online before arriving stores mid-August.

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