New Chevrolet Crossover in the Pipeline

A new mid-sized, three-row Chevrolet crossover is in the works.

With the crossover segment increasing in popularity worldwide, the American automaker is readying a new model that will slot between the compact Equinox and the full-size Traverse. The move follows in the footsteps of numerous other automakers that are expanding to offer four different crossover sizes, ranging from compact to full-size in order to accommodate the needs of all auto shoppers. By adding a new model, Chevrolet will also be altering existing ones to avoid cannibalizing sales.

First, Chevrolet will downsize the Equinox for the next-generation model expected to debut early 2017. The new Chevrolet crossover will be a three-row model and will reportedly be based on a short-wheelbase version of the Traverse.

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The Traverse will get redesigned also in 2017, around the same time the new crossover will head to market. It’s unclear what the model will be called at the moment, but expect the new addition to also extend beyond the Chevrolet brand. The shorter wheelbase will also underpin the Cadillac XT5 and will serve as the foundation for the next-generation GMC Acadia, expected to arrive in mid-2016.

[Source: Automotive News]

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