Nissan’s Maxima NISMO Could Look This Good


Nissan is out to prove that the Maxima can be a real performance car. 

Rumor has it that Nissan is working to bring a NISMO-tuned Maxima to market, and our renderings show what the car might look like with the usual upgrades present, including black wheels, red brake calipers, a larger rear spoiler and low skirts all around.

Under the hood, the standard Maxima sports a 3.5-liter V6 with 300 hp and 261 lb-ft of torque. The brand could bump up the power output of this motor for the NISMO version of the car, or it could turn to a larger engine for more brawn.

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Suspension components would of course be upgraded to help this version of the Maxima take corners, while the interior would receive some unique NISMO touches like contrast stitching and bolstered seats.

The standard Maxima already has the optional SR trim which adds sway bars, tuned springs and dampers, to help the car handle more like a “four-door sports car.” Nissan expects the SR-trimmed Maxima to make up 20 to 25 percent of all sales, a metric that Nissan will be watching closely to see if there is market for a hotter Maxima NISMO.

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  • ModManMark .

    I wonder if Nissan will undermine the value of the Maxima with huge discounts just like they did the GTR…

  • bighorns

    The value of a ‘budget sports sedan’ will be the ability to discount. No one is going to compare this car to any of the German luxury/sports sedans, except their base models, and it will be a ‘bang for your buck’ type comparison.

  • dan pressey

    Most car company will use a name know for performance and just use it is to sell cars and do comsetic things. Back in the day when nismo, mugen, and other performance brands or trim levels, people would actually get cars that were upgraded and tuned above the normal, sorry to say, don’t just slap a name hoping it will sell cars. Make the car performance above the best trim package, upgrading the brakes, upgrading the suspension, upgrade the performance of the car and do something with the intertior.

  • Yoo Jastle

    Yes, another Toyota Camry look-a-like. No thanks.

  • Shiratori1

    “The brand could likely bump the power output of this motor, or it could
    use its 3.7-liter V6 that makes 328 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque in the
    Infiniti Q50.”

    I don’t see how that’s possible without making (and paying for) design changes to that engine. The 3.7 that is in the Q50 is set up for longitudinal placement (RWD). The Maxima’s engine bay is set up for transverse placement (FWD).

  • Rochester

    The VQ37HR is not designed to be transverse in a FWD car. Just saying… the idea that it could just be dropped in is silly.

  • Rickers

    Did they offer huge discounts on the GTR? Or are you being sarcastic?

  • Rickers

    Sadly, if we get a Maxima NISMO, it’ll probably just have an exhaust.

  • Felix James

    I hope it gets a bigger spoiler. Nothing crazy, but just a little more excitement.

  • Kenrick Chang

    That looks terrible

  • ModManMark .

    They did, in the middle of 2014 they reduced the price of the 2014 and 2015 GTR’s still on dealer lots between $10k to $15k hence undermining the value of all previously purchased GTR’s. This of course had the largest negative impact on the 2013, 14 and 15 buyers. The Used value of all GTR’s has shifted significantly lower.

  • Afcan Stellar

    Pls NISSAN give me one for Free to replace my AGing 99 Maxima. It will be good advertisement as i drive on the road for nyou.

  • Pete Flynn

    Maxima is just that – maximum excess weight, and bulk. A tuna boat with infinite roll stiffness that will STILL handle like a sled. If they are serious about a sport sedan this is not where to begin. I don’t care if they put a warp drive in it, it’s going to handle like a truck.

  • Pete Flynn

    yeah – nothing like more noise to make you feel like you’re going faster!

  • William Cervini

    How do you know what it will handle like? Have you driven one? If not, shut up, fool.

  • Guest

    Nissan should make a coupe version of the Maxiam along with an option of automatic or manuel..

  • Keith Schwerin

    If they want to call is a 4door sportscar (4DSC) then why not give it the full 3.7 or even the full 3.5 that the 350Z got, why only 300hp in a much heavier car? Also give it a 6spd manual.

    V6’s have made 300+ HP for almost 10 years now, and this is FINALLy getting 300, but has teh balls to call it a sports car when ONLY auto is available.

  • Joe Powell

    No 6 Speed, No Sunroof, No Sale.

  • dariansdad

    One word: FWD.

  • Britany Alvarez

    All I have to say is maxima is the best on safety
    I was hit by an 18 wheeler in my maxima and my car really surprised me they have done an awesome job building these cars there were never no hesitation they get up and go and they last for ever

  • Pete Flynn

    OK, jerky boy. The car is out there and it is a not-svelte 3400+ pounds. Drove the last three years BTW. Extensively. And none of them qualify as “sports sedans”. Back in the mid-late 90’s it was a great car – fun to drive. That mojo is long gone.

  • CU Babe

    This is no Toyota Camry, more a BMW or Benz feel. Max can do much more than a standard model of either of these cars for half the price. Also the interior is great… Not utilitarian looking as your basic model higher end cars (Volks, BMW, Benz). I’ve put it to the test next to these on the expressway (passing, etc…) and guess who comes out winning?