Poll: Chevy Corvette Z06 or Porsche 911?

Poll: Chevy Corvette Z06 or Porsche 911?

The Porsche 911 has long been a benchmark for performance cars, but the iconic German has seen its competitors really stepping up their game lately.

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is one of those competitors. In the past, the two couldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath, but the new model is so advanced that head-to-head track comparisons between the Vette and the 911 have never been closer. Both cars take very different approaches to performance, both have their strengths and weaknesses, and both have their legions of die-hard fans.

BUT FIRST: Click here to compare these two cars side by side

So, which sports car would your rather have on your driveway? The Chevy Corvette Z06 or the Porsche 911? Answer our poll below.

  • Z06 has been toasting the 911 for quite some time…not sure I understand where the “in the past the two couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath” statement is coming from. ??

  • karl roberts

    i have had 2 Z06 and 1 ZR 1 and neither could keep up with my new 911 Turbo — lets keep comparisons on true comparisons not 650 HP against as little as 400 HP in “S” 911 —-compared to 560 HP Turbo “S”

  • charlieblue

    I just can’t get past my distaste for crappy wedge-shape of the Corvette. In the 60s, they were so beautiful! Then their design went to hell and never recovered.

  • Robert Anderson

    When you see a newer Corvette on the road it’s no big deal. When you see ANY 911 on the road, it’s an event.

  • Agreed, but even then lap times show otherwise.

  • Bjorn Ahlblad

    The guy/gal that is in the market for the Corvette is not looking at the Porsche and vice versa, so there is little point in comparing the two. IMO anyway.

  • karl roberts

    a friend of mine ( a SCCA Champion ) explains that NEW 911/991 is a different story and what is mostly posted is old 996 data

  • John Maida

    at least compare autos that are close in cost.

  • iMowLawns4Cheap

    To you maybe. I love seeing Z06’s on the road and I have yet to see a 2015 Z06

  • t1oracle

    The comparison isn’t with the Turbo. A base 911 cost the same as a Z06.

  • t1oracle

    Both are 80-100k. They didn’t say 911 S or even Turbo.

  • milehighdog

    Buy both a 2015 Vette and a 2015 Porsche 911- lets take a look in 2025—the Vette has been reduced to a POS and the Porsche still resells for a good portion of its original cost and still drives like it did when it was new. There is a reason Porches retain their value unlike the Vettes. Yes the Vette is a fast car and yes it may perform well but it simply does not age well. Go look at any early 2000 Vette and you will see. I will take my 911 any day.

  • Kravon

    Nobody really looks twice at a 911. The average person considers it a car driven by real estate agents and mid level managers at banks. I have owned a Porsche and ended up getting rid of it due to the extremely high cost of ownership. Admittedly it had the best interior of any car I have owned (although I think the newest Mercedes cars have taken that crown) however the exterior styling of the Porsche 911 is boring in my opinion.

    Take a Porsche 911 to an event like a Cars and Coffee and the only people that look at it are white guys that are over 60. Take a new Z06 to that same event and you have young kids and women and men of all ages and races checking it out and snapping pics.

  • John Maida

    I cant compare a base 911 to a Z06 the corvette Z06 blows it away, a base 911 should be compared to a base Stingray with the Z51 but that’s about $30k us dollars less.then the 911.

  • karl roberts

    I love the opinions expressed here— I have owned 14 corvettes and loved all of them. I may have read the article with my own interpretation — regardless of cost how can you COMPARE 650 HP Vette to 400 HP “S” Porsche. — the applied technology in my Porsche Turbo exceeds the ZR1 which I had, —–the new info center in the. Vette is remarkable —yet all my thoughts are based on the shear driving experience and the technology in the total car , the joy of driving

  • t1oracle

    If you have $90k to spend on a car you don’t get a base Corvette, you get a Z06. In real life a base 911 is cross shopped with the Z06 not the Z51.

  • Spazzyy Mango

    Your arguing that you’d rater have the 911 due to it being able to sell on in ten years, not because you want to drive it now, enjoy it now, wake up every morning and see it on your driveway, and never grow tired of it; because if you were picking a car for those reasons you would pick the Corvette.
    Put simply, picking a car based on its resale value is like picking which meal to have in a restaurant based on what dish will be easiest to shit out in a few hours time.

  • Dave Poole

    To me they are both great cars and both great visually! But, when it comes up daily enjoyment especially having an enjoyable place to sit there is nothing i have owned better than the seat and interior of a Porsche, when it comes to that the 911 blows away any Vette ever

  • craigcole

    I’d take a Z06 …


  • And take the Can-Am Spyder F3-S to the same event and you have sexy teenage girls and porn stars who want to make sex with you, and kids and men and women of all ages at various motor shows and motorcycle shows..

  • But the Can-Am Spyder F3-S will BLOW ALL CARS AWAY TO THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!!!

  • But when you see ALL Can-Am Spyder roadsters on the road, it’s a Super Hentai Sex Festival!

  • And you are a BULLSHIT!

  • “Which car would you rather have?” My answer is the Can-Am Spyder F3-S.

  • Rickers

    Are we talking Z06 vs a Carrera? Or Turbo or GT3? I’d only take it over the base Carrera.

  • charlieblue

    Sure, kid.

  • smartacus

    but you are Canned-BULLSHIT!!!

  • smartacus

    he tells everyone that same line. He told me that like 20 times 🙂

  • Sean

    No doubt the Z06. The Carrera compared here is a go-cart in comparison. The only Porsche that can beat it around the track is the 918, which would require 2m to buy.

  • Sean

    The corvette has a higher resale value. check your facts before commenting nonsense.

  • Porsche 962

    Depends on which Porsche we are comparing it to. Though I don’t know to much about Corvettes, I do know that the Z06 is to a baseline Corvette that a Porsche 911 GT 3 RS or 911 T RS is to a baseline Porsche 911. If its between the Z06 and a GT 3 RS or Turbo RS, I’ll take the Porsche. But if we are comparing the Z06 to a baseline 911 (350-400 hp) I would probably take the Z06.

  • mary.peters13


  • And take the Can-Am Spyder F3-S to the same event and you have sexy teenage girls and porn stars who want to make sex with you, and kids and men and women of all ages at various motor shows and motorcycle shows.


  • Chris Daigle

    Honestly, I wouldn’t vote for either, but chose the Porsche based upon engineering and quality control.
    I would like to see a poll between and Z06 and GT350R.

  • xrelaht

    This ain’t about numbers on a page. You can compare engine power, 0-60 times, handling, cost, or even mpg, but none of it really matters. It’s about feel and style. Which one do you like the ride in? Do you prefer the image you’d present in the quintessential, in your face, all-American ‘Vette or the understated, implied class of the 911? Which one makes you look back at it every time you park it? And maybe most important: which one’s gonna get you excited when you sit in it?

  • expert

    well said!

  • expert

    sorry, but the C7 looks beautiful/high tech/exotic……..911 looks like a squished VW Beetle.

  • expert

    uh, have you seen the C7…?? gorgeous car!

  • expert

    exactly….that’s why the Z06 is the clear winner here 😉

  • M S

    The Porsche is a finely tuned and engineered machine. The Corvette a bucket of fiberglass with lots of horsepower made to look like a transformer toy. I’d be embarrassed to have a Corvette in my driveway.

  • Mr M

    911 If money was no obstacle

  • Paul Buff

    Z06 is absolutely the winner. Not only does it handle better and less expensive – it looks like a real sports car. The Porsche is a souped up VW bug – outdated and boring.

  • t1oracle

    If money is no obstacle then why settle for a Porsche?

  • Mr M

    Well….because the poll choices (if you didn’t noticed) were either a 911 or Z06

  • t1oracle

    A 911’s base price is $85k, the Z06 base price is $78k. The average price paid for the 911 is $85k, the average price paid for the Z06 is $80k. If you can afford one you can afford the other.

    Now, if you’re talking about a 911 trim level that isn’t in the poll that’s a different story.

  • Corbin Miller

    not if you were 14.

  • LiLi

    I beg to differ. the Porsche 911 is way more iconic in every way. Sure its not very pretty, but when you see that sloping roof line, those round headlights, and sexy hips, you know its a 911.

  • Brimike007

    I had to chime into this discussion, as a 911s owner and previous vette owner. The peopl commenting on these two cars obviously have little experience in driving a true sports car.
    The corvette is more or less a kid’s car, plastic, shaky poor build and never felt as if I could push it. The 911s is soooo far superior in every way shape and form it’s not even within the realm of discussion and should never be compared to a 911. GM does not have the qualifications to build a car like porsche never did never will. This is a well known fact among all sports car enthusiasts who actually own or have owned a 911. As far as speed I would put my 911s against any vette on the road, the trick is knowing how to drive the car.

  • AlphalphaMale

    Yes we are – I was just test driving Porsches yesterday but I’m still leaning towards the Z06. They very much ARE shopped by the same people, at least in my case.

  • Bill C.

    “A bucket of fiberglass”? You imply that a Corvette is not a finely tuned and engineered machine. GM has managed to build a sports car powered by a simple single Cam, 70 year old designed V8, capable of punishing the “highly engineered” 4 Cam 8,000+ RPM Supercars, 911s included, for some years, save for their more exotic $100, + cars. Would you not expect a $200, sports car to out perform a Vette? Few cars perform as well as the Z06s, ZR1s. The projected engine for the future C8s is a 4 Cam monster. What will all you European auto lovers do then?

  • Bill C.

    Is that a good reason to own a Can Am Spyser? Sexy teenage girls? I would take that new fully loaded ’17 Z06 Black on Black on Black Convertable, park it next to any Supercar & just on the look blow them away!!

  • Or try the ’17 Grand Sport Convertible with watkins Gray something.

  • PT

    C7 Corvettes look so much like Ferrari 458, Ferrari Belinetta, Ferrari F12, Ferari 599.
    The Porsche looks like a VW bug.

  • expert

    LOL, 911 Turbo – and it costs how much more than the Z06?