Poll: Has BMW’s M Division Lost Its Way?

Poll: Has BMW’s M Division Lost Its Way?

This has been a hot topic of discussion lately, so we want to know what you think. We’re working on a story about BMW’s M division, and we need your input.

BMW’s M cars used to be the some of the most desired performance cars out there. The legendary E34 M5 and the E30 M3 are still some of the most coveted sports cars in BMW’s history. Now the M badge can be found throughout the BMW lineup, on cars like the X6 SUV and in the form of “M Sport Packages,” like on the M235i.

Is M still as hardcore and desirable as it once was or has the brand become too diluted and lost its way? The M stands for Motorsport, so does it still live up to its name?

Please help us by answering the polls below. Thank you!

  • Billy Cypher

    Well…I think BMW has aged with their customers. None of their cars are particularly exciting to me. I test drove a 328 recently and I wasn’t impressed, it felt like the car was doing the driving, not me.

    I think that BMW’s are for old, rich, people who don’t like driving or maybe young people who think of them as a status symbol. The fact that BMW has so many crossovers now and they’re considering getting rid of their manual transmissions proves my point.

  • P Hadley

    The E46 M3 was by far the best looking M3, I had 3 and loved them, the key was getting shot of them before the warranty ran out. Drive them hard to the limit and they were the most rewarding M3 ever. It wasn’t about BHP it was about the theatre, the sound the response. God I loved that model and racked up 30K on each and the last I kept but at 98K the engine detonated. Thankfully BMW under the warranty replaced the engine but it was then out of warranty. I so wished Id kept that car in hind sight. Millet race exhaust with 100 cell cats and remapped. I finally found an Alpina B12 5.7 (e31 805CSI based) BMW otherwise it would have been another E46 but shipped to USA to HPF. The new M cars with sound through the speaker WTF!!

  • Isend2C

    I think that the M3, (stupidly named/categorized) M4, and M5 are all great. But I think you might be able to get a 320i with an M sport package… which is lame. They’re not the greatest in the segments anymore. Everybody raves about the S4 more than I hear about the M3/4 anymore. They’re clearly no longer building the Ultimate Driving Machines. I think they might’ve just forgotten the middle word recently.

  • smartacus

    M used to be a sub-brand. Now it’s a trim level

  • The third answer that you should choose is: Bullshit, I will not vote anymore and who cares?

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    I’m liking Polestar more and more these days.

  • Bellisarius

    BMW has not aged, but certain values have indeed changed all brands. Political parties in the EU, germany etc, have all but forced the manufacturers to have specific compliance items (fuel consumption safety etc) to the point that every manufacturer segment MEETS the rules etc. Fuel, safety, so on. Even ZF transmissions must be light yet efficient (6, 7, 8, 9 gears now!!!) 228 328 etc are all about meeting regulations x % of vehicle lineup. To get the outside feel one has to go up the customized segment (M performance etc) or pure M. Even then those series must meet the various regulations- emissions for example.

    Considering power to weight, fuel consumption, even track handling, the new cars may feel less aggressive, or too tame, but are better performers. They are less a driver’s car and more a pilot’s car. It is about systems management vs pure skill. Again, we asked this from motorsport world, rules, it is the world we voted in place- certainly the one the Europeans did and we followed suit.

    Where does this leave skill? Google self driving cars answer the tried already. If removing skill will get some politicians more votes, they will remove it.

    Imagine the day electric becomes mandatory. It does loom on the horizon. Will we blame BMW for loosing the real ‘Sound,’ or the laws that will prevents piston cylinders from exciting our senses?

  • Vet_allting

    Just stop destroying the M name stupid BMW.
    Putting some shi* spoiler on a standard bmw does not make it worth having the M badge on it !!!!!!!