Ram Patents Stowable Ramp System

Ram Patents Stowable Ramp System

Ram is looking for new ways to differentiate its pickup from the competition.

Joining the RamBox as possible options for consumers, the American automaker has been awarded a patent for a set of ramps that appear to slide into the bed and tailgate for stowage. Detailed extensively in the patent application that was filed in 2014 and recently approved, the system consists of an adjustable loading ramp system and a locking mechanism for when the ramps aren’t being used in the bed.

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The inventors of this ramp setup were Deyan Ninov, Joseph Dehner and Gregory Howell, all Michigan residents and the patent was granted on June 30. The patent doesn’t guarantee that Ram will put the ramps into production as a business case would still have to be made for the product. It would add a viable option for Ram owners to help load and unload their bed, especially in a market that has become increasingly competitive over the recent years.

[Source: TTAC]

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  • HangFire

    How can this be patentable? Custom truck bed builders have been doing ramps like this for years.

  • smartacus

    Instead of lugging around ramps all the time; you can buy aluminum ramps at Harbor Freight for cheap (even cheaper with the common 20% off coupons)
    *but then again there are people who will buy $2500 Navigation systems instead of a $25 Garmin off craigslist (for people who don’t have smart phone GPS)

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    I think they stole this idea from rental trucks, Heh.