Tesla Wants its Powertrain to Last a Million Miles

Tesla Wants its Powertrain to Last a Million Miles

Tesla wants its powertrains to be so robust that they last at least a million miles.

In a blog post detailing last week’s announcements, which included the “Ludicrous Mode,” Elon Musk dropped an interesting sentence: “While working on our goal of making the powertrain last a million miles, we came up with the idea for an advanced smart fuse for the battery.” Ironically, that idea resulted in giving the Tesla Model S enough power to go from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and have a quarter mile time of 10.9 seconds with Ludicrous Mode.

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The statement actually isn’t that surprising considering the Tesla Model S has a ridiculous “infinite mile” warranty, although seeing a vehicle hit a million miles is more realistic than infinity. Realistically, by the time a current Tesla Model S owner hits one-million miles on their car, the American electric automaker will have much more advanced technologies that can be implemented onto their vehicles.

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  • Clifton Williams III

    Try using wind and solar as a combination… I don’t know it just seem logical if the vehicle is in motion it could turn propellers to that would add to what’s being lost!

  • craigcole

    And I want to own Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge but it ain’t going to happen.

  • Stefano Landi

    Actually, the propellers would add extra friction and drag on the car, which would increase its electrical use, therefore you wouldn’t actually be adding to what is being lost, but actually be adding to the loss and with what the propeller would be generating you would would have a net zero gain at most. There are means to recapture some energy, such as regenerative braking, which uses the cars motors as generators when the car is slowing down to a stop and therefore recuperating the motion back into “some” energy, but even this is neglible, but at least it’s something. Your idea of solar panels could have some potential, especially when the car is sitting parked for an extended amount of time, say while you’re at work. However, what would be great is if the entire car’s body was somehow transformed into a solar cell, then at least it would capture enough energy to say offset the amount lost in heating or cooling the car, but it wouldn’t be enough at the present performance of solar cells to recharge the main drive batteries much. Just my $0.02 🙂