The 7 Cars People Regret Buying Most

The 7 Cars People Regret Buying Most

Selling a brand new car after less than a year of ownership is definitely not very common. 

A report from says that 2.7 percent of new cars are sold on the used market after only a single year of ownership, though some individual models carry a much higher rate of quick resale.

The study analyzed 5 million new cars sold between September 2013 and March 2014, then looked back at the group one year later to see which models were already on the used market. Seven different models stood out from the group, with 2.6 to 4 times the amount of used sales compared to the average.

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What’s the most common car to be resold after a year? The Buick Regal, with 10.7 percent of 2014 Regals hitting the used market in just a year.

Second is the Chevy Sonic, 8.9 percent of which wind up being sold after just one year, followed by the BMW X1, with 7.8 percent sold off after a year.

The Dodge Charger is fourth on the list with 7.7 percent sold after a year of ownership, followed by the Mercedes C-Class, sitting at 7.4 percent.

Finally, the Chevy Cruze and Nissan Frontier close out the list, with 7.2 percent of Cruzes and 6.9 percent of Frontiers going bye bye after just one year.

All seven of these cars were ranked as average or worse in the 2014 JD Power Initial Quality Study, suggesting that owners whose quality expectations aren’t met are quick to rid themselves of their new car. “Because purchasing a new car is expensive and something most people tend to spend a lot of time on, it stands to reason they would make a change shortly afterward if they felt the quality was lacking,” said Phong Ly, CEO of

[Source: iseecars]

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