This 3D-Printed Car Claims to be Faster than a Porsche 918

This 3D-Printed Car Claims to be Faster than a Porsche 918

Divergent Microfactories is startup that is making some very bold claims.

The company is claiming that its 3D-printed car will accelerate to 60 mph from a standstill faster than the Porsche 918 Spyder, which is currently the fastest accelerating car in the world. And while startup companies are notorious for making ridiculous claims in order to get their names on the map, Divergent Microfactories might not be exaggerating based on the specs of its car, which is called the Blade.

Using 3D-printed aluminum joints connected to carbon fiber tubes to create the frame for the chassis, the Blade weighs around 1,400 lbs and is able to blast off from zero to 60 mph in “around” two seconds.

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Powering the Blade is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine sourced from a Michigan-based company, which allegedly makes 700 hp. That means it’s nearly double the 355 hp that the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG and GLA45 AMG engine makes, which is currently the most powerful production four-cylinder engine. Now, for those that have paid attention to the aftermarket scene, making 700 hp from a four-cylinder engine isn’t entirely unheard of, but they’re not exactly reliable or meant for the street.

But none of those things matter when you’re out to just make a bold claim that your creation can best even the fastest accelerating car in the world. Really, the more important takeaway is that 3D-printed cars are entirely possible and with how Ford has been adopting the technology, don’t be surprised if 3D-printed products make their way into production vehicles in the next decade.

[Source: Mashable]

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