Top 10 Most Appealing Car Brands

Top 10 Most Appealing Car Brands

How appealing is your favorite car brand? 

The 2015 J.D. Power APEAL (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) study has been released, ranking each car brand based on new-vehicle appeal and how gratifying a given new vehicle is to own and drive. A total of 84,000 purchasers and lessees were surveyed after 90 days of ownership about 77 different aspects of their new car, which is then broken down into a score out of 1000.

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This year’s study shows that appeal has increased by an average of 4 points across the board, while the gap between luxury and mainstream brands appeal is getting closer. The industry average sits at 798. Here are the most appealing brands, according to J.D. Power:


1. Porsche – 874

The German luxury automaker has ranked as the most appealing brand for the 11th time in a row. The Cayenne, Cayman and Macan all topped their own respective segments, although the brand’s most famous sports car, the 911, was beat out by the Chevy Corvette.

2. Jaguar – 855

British luxury brand Jaguar remains in the second spot, splitting up the big German automakers. With the new F-Type sports car on the roads and a crop of new sedans on their way, it’s not hard to see what Jaguars are looking appealing right now.

3. BMW – 854

Losing by just one point to Jag, BMW makes the third spot on the list, jumping up from fifth last year. The brand took home two category wins with the 4 Series and 6 Series both claiming the most appeal in their segment.

4. Mercedes-Benz – 853

Mercedes continues the close scoring, losing out to cross town rival BMW by just one point. In the large premium category, Mercedes’ top-dog S-Class model took home the win.


5. Audi – 852

German automakers continue their dominance on this list, with Audi ranking at number five, a drop of two ranks from last year. Two of Audi’s models, the A3 and the Q3, both of which are considered entry-level luxury cars, were placed at the top of their respective segments when it comes to appeal.

6. Land Rover – 843

Jaguar’s other half, Land Rover, lands at the sixth spot. Like Jag, Land Rover has revamped SUVs across its lineup, all of which are clearly appealing to customers.

7. Lincoln – 842

The first American car company to make the top 10 is Lincoln, sitting just one point behind Land Rover. While Lincoln didn’t take home any category wins, the brand can brag about how they topped their hometown rivals.

8. Cadillac – 838

Lincoln’s mortal enemy, Cadillac, lands in the eighth spot, shy of Lincoln by four points. Caddy also did not capture any category wins.

9. Infiniti – 835

Two Japanese luxury brands round out the top 10, with Infiniti sitting on top. The brand’s massive QX80 luxury SUV took home top honors in its segment, topping the Lincoln Navigator.


10. Lexus – 831

Toyota’s luxury arm finishes the list in the 10th spot. Japanese luxury brands fared OK on the study, though mainstream car bands from Japan finished very poorly.

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    Lincoln might be jumping a place or two next year when the MKX will be available with 13 or gulp, 19 speaker REVEL sound systems.
    -Jaguar is doing something right with their double wishbone suspensions.
    Who doesn’t want a V8 powered, control-arm suspended Jag?
    -Mercedes S-Class is still oh so appealing. It may not be like the old days when the engineers were given carte blanche to develop it as superlative as their imaginations can go; but it’s still the place to go to see what features will be on every other car in 10 years.

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