Toyota Continues to Shun Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Toyota Continues to Shun Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Toyota is still holding out on adding Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to its vehicles. 

Instead, Toyota opted to use a system from Telenav inc. called Scout GPS Link, which allows owners of Apple and Android phones to pull up directions and other navigation information on their phone, while still leaving Toyota in charge of its own infotainment, rather than turning over control to Google or Apple.

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Toyota says that it is still evaluating the big name systems and that it has concerns over data protection and distraction levels. Unlike CarPlay and Android Auto, Toyota’s new system will allow users to split the display screen, allowing two different apps to be running at the same time.

General Motors, Volkswagen, Hyundai and just some of the major automakers who are adopting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The 2016 Tacoma will be the first Toyota vehicle to launch with the new Telenav infotainment setup.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Jonny_Vancouver

    I’m glad Toyota hasn’t given in yet. I like things remaining a bit more open. There’s a reason people choose Android or Apple, it would be a turn off to me to be interested in a car that has say, Apple when I use Android, it would be enough for me to not purchase that vehicle esp seeing as most cars in their respective fields are pretty comparable to one another.

  • James Mayfield

    I’m not all that familiar with the Apple and Android systems, but I recently read a preview of the upcoming Honda Accord, which supposedly has both built into their navigation unit. The thing that got me was the description of these systems, “which allow apps from the phone to show up on the system’s screens.” Well, big freaking deal about that — Toyota’s Entune system allows you to do exactly that. So, at least given my tiny little insight about such things, I’m not so sure that Apple or Android bring anything to the table that Entune doesn’t already have.

  • asten77

    /Most/ manufacturers are doing both.

    The problem I have with Toyota’s approach is that it’s even worse than Apple – it’s a walled garden where you can only use what they let you use. I can get Pandora on my ’15 Highlander, but what if I use Google Play Music? Nope. I can run it on my phone and bluetooth stream it, but that’s lame.

  • SayWhat

    Not a big fan of any info system screen sitting up on the dash as in some of the new Mazda and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. If it is located above the height of the instrument cluster it’s a
    distraction, especially at night. Nothing on it is that important that it has to be up in my face.