VW Golf TDI Hits 48 States on Less Than $300 in Diesel

VW Golf TDI Hits 48 States on Less Than $300 in Diesel

Volkswagen has set a new Guinness World Record for low fuel consumption. 

Using a 2015 Golf TDI diesel, a pair of drivers hit all 48 contiguous States in 16 days on just 101.43 gallons, or $294.98 worth of fuel. The trip totalled 8,233.5 miles and the car averaged a stellar 81.12 mpg, good enough to claim a new record for “lowest fuel consumption—48 U.S. contiguous States for a non-hybrid car.”

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The Golf beat the previous record by more than 3 mpg, while it also beat the current hybrid vehicle record by a full 6 mpg. The drivers were automotive journalist and hypermiling expert Wayne Gerdes along with Bob Winger, an electronics engineer.

The 2015 Golf TDI is rated at 45 mpg on the highway when equipped with a manual transmission. For the record setting run, the car used Shell diesel along with Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires.

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  • Solstar

    Yes sure at 30 mph for the whole trip-not the way I would drive !

  • Max

    Try some math—-You can’t average over 500 miles of driving a day at 30 mph