2016 Honda Pilot Developed Without Prototypes

2016 Honda Pilot Developed Without Prototypes

The all-new 2016 Honda Pilot was developed without any prototype models, an advancement that saved the automaker time and money.

Rather than developing separate tooling and equipment to build test models, Honda was able to do it all on the normal assembly line with production manufacturing equipment. To achieve this, engineers did more computer simulation work much earlier on in the development process. Overall, this shift saved Honda months of time and millions of dollars.

“We’ve brought it to production in a virtual world without any prototypes,” said Jeff Tomko, president of Honda Manufacturing Alabama, the assembly plant that builds the Pilot, Odyssey minivan, Ridgeline pickup and Acura MDX for all global markets.

“You know, Honda’s different from the domestic three,” Tomko explained. “We are still relatively new to this light-truck segment.” But they’re succeeding, and the new Pilot looks like it’ll be a winner.

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In addition to more computer simulation work, 3D printing also helped speed up development of the 2016 Pilot. One example of how this helped is that Honda printed a transparent instrument panel to help them route wires through the dashboard. This small step reduced the number of die changes needed and made it simpler to install the wires, which saved time.

Overall, Tomko said, “The all-new Pilot is easier to assemble, which is great for quality.” This is also good news for line workers who actually have to screw it together.

According to Tomko, the prototype-free development process was “successful beyond our high expectations,” so it’s likely Honda will continue to implement and refine it going forward.

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  • Mark Wheeler

    Lets face some facts, the new Pilot is nothing buy a reworked old car. New front and rear, interior up dates. Rides like a dog. Interior loaded with rock hard plastic and you pony up 50K? Stupied and dumb.
    The Toyota Highlander is many times better and offers luxurious details for less money.

    Honda has become a name plate that is archaic and needs to take some of the Acura money and put it back into Honda and quickly !!! Honda is losing time.

    I have owned many Honda’a the last a 2006 Accord ex-l v6.

  • Mike

    Horrid styling. Looks just like an Odyssey. The first generation was much better looking. Huge disappointment.

  • Calibigfun@yahoo.com

    The fact is both of you are wrong, as in this will sale like hot cakes and more so than the old boxy version. Families want exactly what Honda has made, a reliable 3 row SUV that resembles a mini-van. They don’t care about hard plastics and they prefer dog riding a SUVs. Good job Honda, all the family and mom blogs I see rate the Pilot as one of the top SUV in the market.