A Chinese Company Just Bought One of America’s Best Racetracks

A Chinese Company Just Bought One of America’s Best Racetracks

Miller Motorsports Park will remain open thanks to Geely.

The same company that acquired Volvo has purchased the track and is planning to invest in new development near the park. Geely representative Allen Wilson confirmed that the track “as you know it will remain open at or better than what it currently is.” He added that Geely plans on establishing vehicle manufacturing facilities in Tooele, where the track is located, as well as a new drag strip in hopes of promoting Chinese tourism to the county.

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In the immediate future, Geely will invest between $6 to $8 million into the park for improvements and estimates that over the next 25 years it will add billions of dollars into Tooele County’s economy.

It was revealed in May that Miller Motorsports Park would close in October since the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies announced it would not renew the lease on the land. The sale price was reportedly $20 million and included all assets on site and the land.

Not everyone attending today’s announcement was happy with the decision, with one attendee going so far as to say, “You are selling out American land to a communist country.”

[Source: KUTV]

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