Alfa Romeo Giulia Reportedly Faster Than BMW M4 at Nurburgring


The Alfa Romeo Giulia might not just be a BMW M4 fighter, it could be an M4 killer.

Rumor has it that the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV model did quick work at the Nurburgring, turning in a lap time of 7:43, which is a full nine seconds faster than the BMW M4’s lap time of 7:52. The same site reporting the lap time also said that the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV actually makes 530 hp rather than the 510 figure Alfa Romeo originally reported. The current BMW M4 has 425 hp from a turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine while the Alfa Romeo Giulia is powered by a six-cylinder engine from Ferrari.

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Helping it navigate the Nurburgring with ease, the Alfa Romeo Giulia also features Torque Vectoring and a double-clutch transmission, with the rear differential having the capability of controlling the torque delivery to each wheel separately.

For now, take the rumor with a grain of salt. It is likely that Alfa Romeo was testing the Giulia before the speed limits were imposed on the Nurburgring – so don’t expect confirmation from the Italian automaker anytime soon.

[Source: Blog di Motori]

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  • For a family 4 door sedan that has a nice looking face

  • smartacus

    Beating the M4 is not saying much anymore.

  • CommonSense

    Where as

  • AntiSmartacus

    Where as beating you with a pipe would say…well done!

  • digitldlnkwnt

    it says a lot when your comparing within the sports sedan segment.

  • Jas Derry

    Here in Europe the Alfa is always compared to BMW and Audi. There is always the talk of “German engineering ” and an implication that Alfa in each case is “great,” but ….. After the but is always some BS implying that either the electrics won’t hold up or parts are difficult to get or something. I have a GTV and it out drives and certainly looks better than the same generation TT.
    My 159 Sportswagon makes mincemeat of comparable German cars and like my friend said “it’s the most beautiful wagon on the road of any year.” …and he is a Porsche guy. …so 2001 and 2007, older cars, but I don’t have any problems with electrics, certainly no rust and I can still turn after parking and enjoy the view when walking away.
    So that’s why beating the M4 is important.

  • Mr GrumPea

    Not sure what the story is here? Perhaps it’s faster, perhaps it isn’t. Given it has close to 100bhp more, it bloody well ought to be…….

  • Elliot Sudbury

    Quite honestly don’t care if it’s faster than a BMW. I do care that a) it isn’t a BMW and b) it’s about a million times better looking! It’s the kind of car that someone buys because it’s not what everyone else drives. Which is why I chose a Mito because everyone else drives Minis or Fiestas. Although now everyone seems to drive a Mito around here…. maybe I’ve started something?

  • Mattias Filander

    7:39 is the time that Alfa reports!

  • Tifosi Nelson

    I have a 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce still use it half of the year upstate NY. Now super reliable!!!!
    I remembered very well that Alfa was a brand that stood on its on with no comparison.
    The new ones don’t have the soul nor the aesthetics of past Alfa’s.
    My car is a bullet i have done a lot of work to it!! Two old Webers carbs, new tight racing suspension and i removed a lot of the old electrical martenelli stuff that would give me headaches. I also have two excellent Italiano mechanics so lucky!!
    I really wish the best for AR and being back in the US..
    The world has change a lot since they were here…We have Bruce Jenner a woman now and amazing technology.
    I love my Android and all it does for me…Without it there would be no Alfa76 on the road.
    Amazing times now 2015!!!!!!!!!

  • GibRock47

    Great news at Alfa Romeos resurgence in making its brand felt once more. My reservation however is; will we see better performance and customer service from main dealers as their reputation is very poor where maintence service is concerned; and the feedback each year from customers answering various annual surveys.

  • ralph01

    What???????? I am assuming you are not in North America because if you are then that makes no sense since they haven’t been in America for over 20 years.

  • goggles

    I’m looking forward to seeing/driving one.. The roads here in Joisey are choked full of boring looking BMW and Audi that just about anything would be a welcome visual relief.