Apple Rumored to be Developing Massive Head-Up Display

Apple Rumored to be Developing Massive Head-Up Display

Apple is reportedly developing a new head-up display system that will span nearly the entire windshield. 

The massive 27- to 50-inch wide display is “very likely” to enter production, tech analyst Chip Chowdhry told the Washington Post. It would go beyond other head-up displays as well by offering gesture controls thanks to a set of sensors wired to the windshield.

Before you get too excited though, Apple declined to comment on the program while Chowdhry went on to say that the launch of this technology “does not seem imminent.” If Apple does develop this system, it could also be adopted by other devices such as TVs.

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Apple is said to be working on its own self-driving vehicle, which is the most likely place for this system to appear, though its possible Apple would act as a supplier to other automakers. Having the large display in front of you would be especially useful if the vehicle is driving itself, even though head-up displays are designed to keep your eyes on the road to minimize distraction.

Jaguar Land Rover recently showed a concept version of its “virtual windscreen” which is able to display information onto the windshield in real time, appearing in 3D on the road in front of you thanks to eye-tracking technology. Supplier Continental has also developed a similar system(seen above) which makes the graphics appear as though they are on the road in front of you.

[Source: Washington Post]

  • craigcole

    Now THIS makes much more sense for Apple to do than an entire automobile. They have ZERO experience with truly heavy industry, which building cars is an important part of.

  • Dennis Johnson

    This is not new. Our agency tried these 10 + years ago, in the practical world (sunlight, glare bad weather etc…) they were too hard to see / use

  • AntiRad

    Stop distracting me from my life Apple!

  • Tangair

    How have I been able to drive up until now? Just what I don’t want at a price I don’t want to spend. Jeeze….

  • Tangair

    Coming soon: The iPoop! That’s right, the in-car seat/toilet to finally put an end to those pesky and unsafe road stops.

  • Old Crow

    The latest I gadget for Idiots.

  • Bobby Brown

    Technology has changed alot since 2005 (dumbass).


    How stupid! They have so much money that they are just burning it on crap that no one wants / will want. No wants the watch — no one will want HUD tech for cars either.

  • ipso_facto

    Imagine what it will cost to replace when damaged.

  • ipso_facto

    An idiot and his cash are soon parted.

  • Old Crow

    It’s immoral NOT to take a sucker’s money.

  • Jigzaw

    You know it’ll be full of ads and Yelp links.

  • Punditator

    Not as much as you would think and the same problems that existed for the idea then, exist now.

  • Cowardly Lion

    *moron watching data on screen* CRASH!!!!!

    Yeah, I feel so much safer on the roads with morons on their smartphones and now with their screens taking their attention away from the roads. Add to that the self-driving death-traps and I think your chances of dying on the road are certain.

  • Yale U

    Uh…it will cost same price as always. It is a PROJECTION….

  • Truthsayer

    OK….. I know that this may sound cool and of course our society is obsessed with tech. But…………… When you consider how poorly people drive now without this added distraction I see this addition as a major catastrophe waiting to happen. If people actually took the time to retrain their brains to use a HUD in their cars, then this might be useful and might lead to greater safety. That would take hundreds of hours in trainers and no one is going to put that type of time in for something like this. Most people, though, will want to buy it and learn on the road while putting themselves, their passengers and all of us in jeopardy. Pass.

  • oi812

    not in favor of self driving cars since it would make it easier for suicide bombers

  • Oscar

    Watch your death on YouTube as it occurred.

  • Oscar

    As anyone from J Street

  • redneck55

    soooo.. how much this gonna cost after they chip and seal the roads? and how much after your sued for causing a crash from being distracted watching a screen full of ads?

  • Oscar

    That “too close” warning will go over real good in America, where they tailgate within a foot going 75mph in a 55mph zone, and then give the car in-front of them the bird for obeying the law.

    You thought the elected politicians, banksters, salespeople, corporations were crooks, look in the mirror America.

    Illegal aliens now are more in population than our special privileged affirmative action blacks.

  • Oscar

    as long as its PORN

  • Oscar

    and when the projector goes BSOD. I’d like to see it as a laser projection.

  • zombietimeshare

    If Google gets involved the windshield screen will be covered with ads.

  • J.P. Orosz

    The military been having this for years.
    Old tech.
    Go 3D

  • Oscar

    and everything you do and say is recorded and also saved to your GoogLie/DHS+ account. Special seat cushion sensor can tell the judge how many beans you ate.


    BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH #TCOTARMY!!!! #0BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexander Nicholaou

    But only on cars that crash. It’s got to be consistent with the rest of the apple products they make – just saying. Zing!

  • JA

    Fox News much???

  • JA

    People with Swag won’t crash their cars with this Swag-Smart Technology. People who don’t have Swag will crash their car.

  • daTruffYall

    How cutting edge. My dad had a Bonneville SSEi in 1994 with a “cutting edge” HUD. Let me guess, Apple stock will triple on this news.

  • radii

    only the upper 20% and lower 20% should be allowed to be used – the middle 60% of the front windshield needs to remain free from any possible image data obstruction at all times

  • guest

    and if you’re Michael Hasting your car will crash itself, killing you courtesy of our clandestine service(s)

  • guest

    No just the REAL WORLD. It’s called Islamic Terrorism btw.

    We know this administration doesn’t like to say the “real” words.

  • Camera3

    … will the winshield display promote the GayKK agenda like the CEO of Apple does? … Apple died with Steve Jobs …

  • James1754

    More computer for the automobile to be hacked.

  • sgreen516


  • sgreen516

    Once this type of tech becomes commonplace you can sign me up for “never leaving my house again”

  • disqus_eAjER2Ev8o

    How about making the windshield chip- & crack proof first !

  • BobNoxious46

    More like a bunch of expensive crap that will crash and black screen for 10-20 sec while it resets. I wouldn’t worry too much about being hacked. The probability that bugs produced by the Indians writing the software (while being whipped for 18 hrs/day) will make your instrument cluster go away periodically is far, far greater than being hacked. If you guys knew how the sausage was made you would be buying cars from the 1970s.

  • BobNoxious46

    no doubt a rainbow apple…

  • BobNoxious46


  • Meh

    If a cracked windshield is a hazard then this would never be approved without alot greasy politician getting payoffs

  • James1754

    I would be very worried about the complete lack of security on vehicle computers.
    And why would anyone trust their lives to one. All drives fail

  • First phase of autonomous vehicles.

  • JWood-the-other

    I hope Apple doesn’t use their usual pricing formula for this. I’d hate to have to pay Apple prices for a windshield.

  • JWood-the-other

    Amen! Why hasn’t anyone figured out how to keep a windshield from scratching, chipping, cracking.

  • BeanerECMO

    Wasn’t a HUD for cars introduced some years ago? And, wasn’t it learned that drivers found it too distracting? If cell phones are distracting drivers and can lead to car crashes; what could we look forward to with a HUD in cars? It’s one thing to be trained to use a HUD in aircraft in intense environments, and it’s another thing when we take a driver off the street and put him in a HUD equipped car.

  • JWood-the-other

    Click Bate or Vapor Ware?

  • Bogeyfire

    Ah, c’mon! This is cool stuff. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Joe

    Holy cow rock chips and cracks are gonna cost a mint. So much for the days of full glass replacement.

  • Janet91

    I heard that Apple was famous for announcing things that didn’t really exist. It wasn’t called “hardware”, they used to call is “vaporware”.

  • Joe


  • Janet91

    I’ll believe is when I see it firsthand myself.

  • Joe


  • Joe

    Rolex has figured it out. Strike plates on doors can’t even scratch.

  • JWood-the-other

    Once cars can drive themselves we won’t need a HUD. Hell we won’t need to look outside. We won’t need a windshield. We can make cars out of hard rubber like a hockey puck. Try to dent one of those.!

  • Joe

    Could you imagine if Microsoft got windows involved? Blue screen right in the middle of dense fog. Yikes!

  • Joe

    Hope so.

  • JWood-the-other

    Yes. Perfect candidate for a Government Program.

  • Joe

    People been warning black people for years, yet many still vote against themselves every four years.

  • Joe

    You’ve heard of them armed U.S. drones, right? Not that tough….wait for it….

  • Joe

    I see many Darwin candidates from which to choose annually.

  • Joe

    Pretty popular with some cars that already have it. Jus sayin…..

  • bongwater420

    how’s that apple watch doing?

  • Joe

    Be a fun ride too. Every day is bumper cars. Be a dream come true.

  • Joe

    Funny how so many “idiots” can afford these things.

  • Joe

    Clear history had that.

  • Joe

    I think the typical Apple folk are waiting for the next iteration.

  • A technology like this could first be used in racecars. Could assist the driver in plotting the optimal path on the road infront, provide useful statistics regarding his or her racing performance, eliminate gauges since that information could be positioned anywhere on the windshield. Let the technology be tested in that arena before hitting the highways.

  • aPEON

    So now they will know where you are, and what your wearing

  • Sacred Night

    CrApple. The makers of the iPhone who sell the same instrument while marketing it as a new version. Make that a new ripoff. iPhoney is just a rehashed version of the original. All in the Apple universe of costing you more and more for the same thing.

  • jAce50

    Kind of takes away the “skill” part of it.

  • I don’t know. For years I’ve thought it would be safer to have a low resolution (10-15% max) map on your windshield than at your side on a mobile device.

  • bonestabone

    I thought the apple watch was a sure sign the tech bubble was ready to burst, i.e. companies throwing money around on useless products, but this is beyond my wildest dreams.

  • disqus_ayvQwhvS6h

    jailbroken icars are gonna be awesome

  • American Sniper

    Embrace it, it looks cool. At first i thought Uber was dumb, and it’s actually really brilliant.

  • Equality7-2521

    Great… Are they also going to make it so you can’t change the car battery?

  • JDSoCal

    Please tell us the advanced phone you use, assface.

  • LafayetteCoboll

    No, you won’t be able to change the battery, but the bezel will be very small – but not too small. It will be a perfectly sized bezel.

  • martae

    By the time the battery needs changing, their new product will be so outrageously awesome you will buy it, and throw the old car away!

  • smokehouse56

    Why are you so hostile and spew potty mouth words. Only immature people would post what you called “Sacred Night” on a public comment board.

  • vulcan747

    You are now on the automotive hacker watch list.

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    I notice most iPhone lovers are liberals and homosexual agenda supporters. They love wasting their money on frivolous things such as a new phone every 5-6 months.

  • S Davis

    Does size really matter?

  • moleshired

    Leaked to bolster stocks

  • JohnGalt11

    Wrong direction, APPLE. Here’s my idea:
    A ‘crawler’ across the bottom of the rear bottom and front windshields which will display in a 3 inch band messages you (or preferably a passenger – for ‘safety’s’ sake) type in on a dash and/or keypad on the steering wheel.
    Messages such as ‘BACK OFF, YOU ARE TAILGATING AND I HAVE EXCELLECT BRAKES’ or ‘who taught you to drive, dimwit?’ and across the front windshield high up out of your LOS messages like, ‘get over, slowpoke, this is the fast lane’.
    You know, helpful, rage-reducing messages for the OTHER idiots on the road.
    This is technologically possible and fairly cheaply installed.
    The do-gooders and the tsk-tsk crowd would hate it, but it’d be fun to send out messages – you can’t do without talking to SOMEONE all the damned time anyway as you’re always on your damned cellphones stuck in your ears – heck, just Wi-Fi the whole thing thru your little smarter-then-you phone.

  • JoeUSA

    Will the iShield let me look at pR0n while I’m driving?

  • TomSmithIsBackAgain

    Wow… a heads up display.. Innovative!

  • Jim

    I hope they come up with an iwatch.

  • Singlemalt

    How ’bout,

    “Get out of the fast lane, you are driving too slow!!”

  • EpicMale

    What a joke! Drivers that ignore stop signs, change lanes without looking, and run red lights will just ignore the safety aids of a HUD. What a joke!

  • EpicMale

    This technology has been in use for many years….in combat aircraft. And what was learned is that there is a point where the pilot/driver reaches sensory overload, and cannot effectively deal with all the input being provided, so his potential for ignoring a critical input from the computer system increases exponentially, resulting in death. We already see this in cars, where touch screens, phone mounts, and myriad controls provide far, far more distractions for a driver. So, as fighter pilot cockpits are being simplified, so the pilot can concentrate upon survival and completing his mission, the same type of engineers with no prognostication skills will further clutter up a dimwitted driver’s world.

  • Singlemalt

    Electric cars will have a unique plug-in.

    Gas/diesel cars will have to go to Apple fuel stations to use their special nozzles.

  • EpicMale

    I think several vehicles experimented with HUDs. Cadillac had one with night vision, too. And as I pointed out in an earlier post, aircraft designers, especially combat aircraft, are making a concerted effort to reduce the sensory overload found in many cockpits. It is killing pilots.

  • SonofaCV15

    Maybe we could just all wear those cool helmets that fighter pilots wear.

    Only thing is… where do I get some heat-seeking missiles? Fox 2!

  • SonofaCV15

    Do we get a Siri chauffeur to go with it… or will that be sold separately?

  • only1j

    very cool

  • Bob Bradley

    I don’t want anything that is overpriced and mediocre. I don’t want anything Apple or any brand that would put this on their cars.

  • SonofaCV15

    Lol… So what are you saying? Tell us what you “really” think of Apple. And please don’t spare any IQ points.

  • BeanerECMO

    If I’m not mistaken, workload studies of pilots in the F/A-18 have a 1.8 workload; i.e., it needs two people to operate efficiently and effectively.

  • JohnGalt11

    I covered that one. Tried to do this thing w/o any ‘bad’ words, but the ‘curse you, Red Baron’ possibilities are enormous.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    The world would be a much better place if every driver used JDDI*, safe driving technology that’s already available on every properly maintained mechanically sound vehicle.

    *Just Drive, Damn It

  • SonofaCV15

    I’m just waiting for an idiot proof security system that locks out idiots (even passengers) before they can even enter the vehicle.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    I’ve imagined something similar at drive-up bank ATMs that would prevent someone from using them if they lack the skill to pull up close enough to reach the keypad without having to open the car door or (as God is my witness) completely exit the vehicle and stand in the drive-up lane.

  • hammerstamp

    Why exactly would a head-up display be useful on a self-driving car? Maybe so the occupants could verify their panic as the car heads into a hairpin curve at the edge of a cliff with the throttle wide open?

  • Jack Davis

    Most Drive-up ATMs also have braille keys.

  • EpicMale

    I have little knowledge of our more contemporary aircraft, beyond the psychological studies I’ve read. I had a close friend that was an A10 combat pilot, and wing commander, who clued me in on a lot of that aircraft’s sensory overload. He said, “You had to learn what to ignore or you’d die.” With my few dozen hours in a wee Cessna 142, I’m definitely not a high level pilot. Heck, that whiny stall speed buzzer drove me nuts. LOL…

  • EpicMale

    As many people suffer serious head injuries in automobiles, so maybe they should be required to wear crash helmets, too.
    I’ve threatened to mount paintball guns fore and aft on my Goldwing. That way I could mark vehicles that are a threat to other people on the road. Police could then recognize the permanently splattered cars and get those drivers off the road. It would be a ‘vote with your paintball gun’ method to winnow out the rude, dangerous, and blind drivers.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Not at all surprising in a country where the label on every jar of peanut butter includes the words “ALLERGY WARNING: CONTAINS PEANUTS”.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    How might Mark Twain have put it?

    “There is no activity from which the average American more fervently and actively distraction than the safe, courteous and responsible operation of a motorized vehicle.”

  • Bill

    Uber’s business model works because there are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people who can’t find a real, 9-5 job that pays a salary and provides benefits in the new Obamaconomy. Then you market it with a spin of freedom, being your own boss and only working when you want. Every person I know who drives for Uber is either unemployed, underemployed and needs to drive drunks home at bar closing or homeless and living in his car in a Holiday Inn parking lot so he can watch tv in the lounge and use the gym facilities to shave and shower.

  • BeanerECMO

    Well, it a big reason there was a bombardier/navigator in A-6s. Off the record, many an A-7 pilot admitted to having arming switches and other things in the wrong position when landing aboard the carrier. Re: …that whiny stall speed buzzer. The wheels warning ‘klaxon’ didn’t help a P-3 pilot. When asked why he landed wheels up when he had a warning, he replied that he turned it off because it was so distracting. Well, duuuh.

  • Bill

    Liberals and homosexuals are both tolerant and polite. Just disagree with one and observe. Almost like 3 year olds who are told they can’t get what they want, right now.

  • Bill

    BMW had it several years ago

  • John J Coltrain

    The trial lawyers are salivating!

  • addtocart

    First of all, I believe the heads-up display has been available for years. And, B, I prefer the driver keep his eyes on the road.

  • John J Coltrain

    Limbaugh is their biggest fanboy though…of course he has the money to blow on that crap.

  • Daniel Staggers

    Heads up displays are nothing new and never caught on. People complain that they distract them from driving, much the way hanging things from the rear view mirror does, and that’s illegal, by the way. Now they want the whole windshield? Sounds like a made up story to boost their stock price.

  • SonofaCV15

    I sort of like the missile approach for instant traffic congestion relief.

  • Ali Bama

    So in addition to texting zombies we are now to get a lot of cross-eyed drivers coming at us on the road.

  • FVS

    I had a 2002 ‘Vette with HUD. It was neat but did I really need a G meter? If you’re driving so intensely that you need that when cornering or can’t take the fraction of a second to look down at the tach or the speedo your either on the track or begging for blue light in you’re rear view mirror. The best use I had for it was night cruising on long trips where I could turn off all of the interior lights and just have the tach and speedo display on the HUD.

  • P0ppi

    Who care’s what the hell you want.

  • P0ppi

    Dubya yabba dabba doo, doofus.

  • EpicMale

    Just be sure to have run flat tires mounted. Otherwise, your vehicle will be disabled by all the sharp metal shards.

  • EpicMale

    Oh, I don’t doubt that at all! Just look at all the people that drive with their left foot riding the brake. Then when they actually need it, there is nothing left but mush and a high pitched squealing as they plow into the back of the 18 wheeler at the stop sign.

  • JimM

    Are they going to include something to aid in driving in heavy fog, or at night? That would be excellent,

  • laszlomoholy

    Cattle-catcher styled plow in the front couldn’t hurt either. Gonna need to clear smoldering debris if it lands in front of you.

  • Doug

    Great,,,,more distractions to take eyeballs off moving traffic and activities taking place forward of the vehicle. What is happening to the left and right of the roadway is just as concerning as whats directly ahead. All crap does located in the center of ones view is nothing more than a distraction from the surrounding Tunnel Vision ya might say.

    This stuff works well in aiding fighter pilots as they need such info to be aware of targets and situational awarness, But come on,,,Really when driving on the ground. The intent of the gadgets is hype and increase in cost. Why is this not being designed for motorcycles. Because operating a motorcycle is closer to flying a figher. The rider needs to keep their head on a swivel and not be eyes locked forward watching flashing info. Nor does a motor vehicle driver. Instead of seeing the hazard. The driver is forced to look at the flashing info and assess what its saying only to look beyond the windsheild and read the word KENWORTH,.

  • John D

    Military aircraft have had this for decades.

  • jdt44

    Easier to be sarcastic than to go buy a car with this technology in place.

  • jdt44

    Your point being?

  • It’s almost over

    How can Apple use the car windows to display pictures? Isn’t this a patent infringement?

    I see a lawsuit coming from Billy Gates….LOL

  • Billy.Cos…I can.

    The APPLE car ?
    toooo weird …..

    I’d buy a 3d printer and build my own .

  • Dennis Johnson

    The sun ( the biggest factor) still works the same .

  • Sierra Bravo

    Oh goody, so more distractions for everyone

  • Benderisgreat

    Looking forward to being hit by some dumbs waving wildly at his windshield display…..

  • Victor Cachat

    Someone will hook up their DVD player or smart phone to it so they can watch a movie or cat videos while they drive down the road.
    (Or maybe a video game like GTA)

  • Tangair

    It’s called synthetic vision and is already available on private and commercial aircraft. That notwithstanding, it cannot cover for driver idiocy.

  • David

    that the idea of a HUD has proven to not distract drivers (pilots) but enhance their situational awareness. this is a good thing.

  • David

    Ok Bob. so, you’re not going to buy one? oh well….

  • Neuro Mancer


    Won’t people look stupid with their brand new car wrapped around a tree because someone hacked their Windows?

  • fidel007

    Class action suit coming soon to Apple.

  • DarthDiggler

    This will likely be invisible if you wear polarized sunglasses.

  • bikerken

    I have a HUD in my Corvette, but it’s, small and at the bottom of the windshield. I can easily ignore it when I want. With fighter aircraft, your taking a whole different situation. They move so fast that they don’t rely on vision to maneuver, they must rely on their computers, so having a lot of HUD items in the canopy is an advantage, not a distraction, as it would be in a car, where you still need to pay attention to the road, which all of these stupid screens in a car tend to inhibit, rather than help.

  • EpicMale

    Ok, you’ve seen the new Mad Max movie, right? LOL…

  • bikerken

    You’re going 70 mph down the freeway, and a little spinning circle appears in your windshield. …..

  • Noah Dress

    ‘Heads up displays are nothing new and never caught on.’

    That was in the ‘old days’, stuff is being invented every day.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Just what motorists needed, more distracted driving.

  • Boobs

    The Rolls Royce already displays the speed limit and current speed on the windshield. A nice feature.

  • Jeff Justice

    Soon all of us will be able to enjoy our favorite commercials right on our windshields while we’re en route to our jobs or running errands.

  • libertyanyday

    sadly it will become true

  • Samsung LAGaxy

    Copying Apple yet again, SAMEsung will follow suit cloning Apple’s design and implementation SHAMELESSLY.

  • Down with Darkie!

    God, I hope they bring back Elvis!!

  • David

    ok. so a small display of telemetry on the margin of the field of view is helpful. agree.

  • luis martinez

    Great, like we don’t have enough distracted idiots texting and talking

  • jaydee

    I am really taking care of my 2002 Explorer. All these electronic features are distracting. I have a hard enough time with my GPS and have to pull over to recalculate!! LOL!!

  • smartacus

    exactly. these are the useful idiots who would have no problem murdering their own mothers’ if their users program them to

  • smartacus

    ban Islamic Car Immigration

  • smartacus

    i’d love that 🙂

  • SayWhat

    Just what we need is to have more distractions for the driver. Sorry but I don’t need to see my speed every second I’m driving nor do I need blue dashes to show how my crash avoidance system is working.

    This is Common Core for the car world.

  • TxPatriot53

    where’s my text messages?

  • Dan Andersen

    You’re confusing Apple with Google.

  • Dan Andersen

    So true. My 1967 Chevy Bel Air had a HUD.

  • Dan Andersen

    The Apple Watch is doing really well, apparently. Recent reports claim that it has already taken 75% of the smartwatch market.

  • Garys_opinion

    Can you imagine someone hacking into these things and blanking out the windshield?
    Think it’s far fetched? I don’t!
    I think we were much better off controlling our own world, and not depending on machines controlled by somebody else!

  • Hussey

    Heck, Oldsmobile had that in the late 80’s.

  • M S

    “Apple Rumored to be Developing Massive Head-Up Display”

    It’s unsafe to text and drive, but it’s OK to have a bunch of crap on your windshield.

    Thanks Al Gore. (On Apple’s board, in case you didn’t know)

  • Jimbo

    This already exists, BMW has it. Apples innovation died with jobs. I give Apple 10 years and they will be irrelevant.

  • M S

    “Apple is said to be working on its own self-driving vehicle, which would be a logical place for this system to appear,…”

    What is logical about displaying info on the windshield of a self-driving vehicle?

  • larsinkima

    You mean “Common Car”

  • James1754

    Not to mention the inability to control a moving vehicle.

  • Nitro Norris

    you’re that chick on the top of the building in Independence Day, aren’t you! How did you survive that!?!?

  • FL_Stingray

    Gee – can I stream movies to my windshield while I fly down the interstate?
    Just what I always needed – not.

  • Johnny 5

    Apple has created a generation of sitting, walking, and myopic zombies. Hopefully Apple builds roads just for the iCrash Dummy cars and away from the rest of us.

  • lonewolf1211

    Again, the once innovative company called Apple is taking another backseat. Aftermarket heads up displays (HUD) are already on the market, and while in their infancy, have the potential to revolutionize driving. So, while other companies are already “doing”, Apple is still “investigating”. When Steve Jobs died, Apple died with him. Tim Cook is a joke and fraud. People wonder why Apple stocks have nose-dived – its simply because of stories like this.

  • PokerBear

    Nose-dived? Where have you been? Apple stock is up well over 200% in 4 years under Tim Cook. There were phones on the market before Apple entered that market too. Great insight.

  • humdee

    I’ve had the HUD in my BMW for 5 years. It’s the best driver’s compartment feature of the car. Gives mph, distance and a simple map of your next turn, your autospeed setting and other info depending on the situation. All without having to look down at your dashboard (and that’s the key). It’s not distracting. In fact, I’m now uncomfortable when I drive a car without it. On the other hand, if someone starts making these with all kinds of clutter (and cat movies!), I agree that’s a whole different thing. Meanwhile, keep your heated seats and give me a HUD any day.

  • earlykuyler

    Well he did invent the internet.

  • disqus_VnWgQkk7uS

    and MP3 players..

  • Velvet_Hangman

    “Multiculturalism” is a program that is FORCED upon EVERY & ONLY White countries.

    “Multiculturalism” is a program to turn EVERY White country into a non-White country.

    This IS geNOcide. WHITE geNOcide.

    If you are White, and you object to your own geNOcide, you are called a RACIST!

    Well guess what, my people, White people, are catching on very quickly to the following two things:

    1 – Multiculturalism and Diversity are mere codewords for White geNOcide.

    2 – Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Adakjak

    Thx 4 playing Apple ..
    Get outta here !! ….. we are done W / U !!!!…
    Deal with it !

  • NHBill603

    If it was a Windows window I could image it.

  • chiliboots

    OH!, that’s another ‘good idea’: that won’t be distracting, AT ALL. Impeach Tim Cook.

  • chiliboots

    Yes, and he also invented “the Al-Gore-Rhythm” that convinces you ‘up’ is ‘down’.

  • Jim

    Can’t wait to see someone driving this with google glasses.

  • MoeDaRat

    I guess apple fanbois need all the help they can get. I didn’t know they drove cars…I thought they rode fixed gear bikes or Segways.

  • MoeDaRat

    That “anti-racist” bullsh*t got old a few years ago.

  • MoeDaRat

    Can’t really drive, huh? Pity.

  • MoeDaRat


  • MoeDaRat

    Yeah, but Beemers are douchemobiles.

  • MoeDaRat

    Don’t forget those poor Chinese slaves.

  • MoeDaRat

    Prophetic words…that will happen someday soon.

  • Bobby Brown

    Hd polarization (you being a fucking moron is the biggest factor).

  • Velvet_Hangman

    UN Law doesn’t specify METHOD of genocide, for the good reason, that sneaky people would find sneaky ways to get around that law.
    Trying to make identifiable groups disappear, using any METHOD is genocide.
    The UN calls what the Chinese are doing in Tibet, Genocide.
    Without a vote, or discussion allowed, the Chinese are using massive immigration and forced integration,against the Tibetans until they all disappear.
    Force assimilating MILLIONS of non-Whites in EVERY&ONLY White countries IS geNOcide

  • Annie J

    It seems to me the Head-up display would just create another distraction in addition to all the other computerized bells and whistles that come with new cars these days. I don’t get it, why do we need computers doing everything for us? At the rate technology is going we are all just going to be a bunch of blobs operating the computers that are now doing every thing we used to do.

  • JohnGalt11

    I KNEW it had to have been done. Too good not to be.
    All my tomorrows were yesterday…it seems.

  • Velvet_Hangman

    If EVERY & ONLY Black countries in 1965 opened their borders and let hundreds of millions of non-Blacks into their countries, then people in government/media force assimilated these non-Blacks into the Black population, and then 90 years later, Blacks are expected to be minorities in those countries; that’s not done by accident.
    It’s obviously a plan to wipe out the Black race. AKA GENOCIDE
    This is what’s being done to my people, White people. It IS genocide.
    Anti-racist is a code for anti-White

  • Satz

    hahahaha sooo funny NOT.

  • Garys_opinion

    Who knows, It might be!

  • Leigh Rich

    Pontiac has it in 1996 ..nothing new.

  • smartacus

    this thread is on fire
    over 200 posts

  • ding chavez

    if it let’s me watch netflix or porn while i’m driving, i’m in apple!

  • humdee

    You’re right, and I have an automatic transmission, too. (I’m so ashamed.) I guess you use hand turn signals, don’t use your rear view mirrors, and installed hand-operated windshield wipers, huh? A “real” driver wouldn’t need any of those newfangled contraptions that are on cars now.

  • jbw9999

    So just like with their other products, they’ll make the ignorant general public think it was all their original idea.

  • jbw9999

    Ha. Love it. But actually some apple idiots do drive cars (often Priuses or Volkswagens). Although they’re only half-driving, since they’re looking at their iphones at the same time.

  • Force Touch [Lord and Master]

    Why no funny? Are you a iSheep?