BMW Wants to Help You Catch More Green Lights

BMW Wants to Help You Catch More Green Lights

BMW has become the first automaker to integrate the EnLighten app into its vehicles.

The app, developed by Connected Signals, will notify drivers of upcoming traffic signal data on the vehicle’s display in real time. Designed to make driving in cities easier, the EnLighten app integration will also help owners save fuel by anticipating changing lights to help avoid unnecessary acceleration. It also enhances safety knowing that a red light is coming up, which will help drivers stop earlier than normal so they can avoid slamming the brakes.

The app not only shows the current status of the traffic light in front of the car, but it also shows a countdown clock to when the light will change. It will also calculate, based on the vehicle’s speed and current position, a recommendation on whether or not to stop for the traffic light or proceed through. There is also an audio alert that notifies the driver that an upcoming light is expected to change as they are approaching.

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Unfortunately, the EnLighten app requires the driver to live in a city that has an integrated network of smart traffic signals, meaning the app only currently works in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, as well as Salt Lake City, Utah. More cities are expected to follow, but if you live in those applicable cities and currently own an Apple smartphone device, it will be compatible with any BMW equipped with the BMW Apps option.

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