Bugatti Teasing Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Bugatti Teasing Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Bugatti’s next reveal will be a virtual car, but it will hint at what’s to come from the brand’s real cars. 

Bugatti is teasing its Vision Gran Turismo Concept which will only exist in the virtual world of the video game Gran Turismo. To do so, a picture of a duct was released, hinting at the new concept’s overall shape.

Set to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the concept will be an exaggerated version of Bugatti’s new design language.

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“Bugatti’s design DNA has reached a new stage in its evolution,” said head designed Achim Anscheidt. “The progressive design language will give an impressive demonstration of the path to be taken by Bugatti design over the next few years.”

Bugatti is now finished building the Veyron and is currently working on a followup, likely called the Chiron. That car is said to make 1,500 from its 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 mated to a hybrid powertrain.

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