Cadillac Diesel Models Confirmed Heading to US

Cadillac Diesel Models Confirmed Heading to US

Cadillac diesel models are definitely heading to the U.S., said the brand’s president.

Speaking at a recent press event, Johan de Nysschen confirmed that diesel-powered Cadillac vehicles will be offered in the U.S., but it likely won’t be until early in the next decade. Currently, the American automaker is developing four- and six-cylinder diesel engines that will debut first in Europe around 2019, but de Nysschen said that the company “will definitely bring them to the U.S.”

This is not a huge surprise, given that many of Cadillac’s main competitors all offer diesel options, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. It is, however, unclear which models will receive a diesel option in the future.

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The diesel engines currently under development will be brand new engines and are being designed with the European market in mind. Earlier this year, the company also confirmed that it’s exploring the possibility of a three-cylinder engine mainly for fuel economy. The automaker will also start incorporating stop-start technology to their engines next year.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • craigcole

    diesel, Diesel, DIESEL! For luxury-car customers that care about fuel efficiency, which is rather paradoxical; if you can afford a top-tier automobile then the cost of petroleum distillates shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Jay Maggio

    Very backwards move by Cadillac. While Europe is moving away from diesel engines Cadillac goes in the opposite direction. Paris and London plan to ban diesels.

  • Lee Frucci

    Paris and London are cities than don’t have the same needs as a county 10,000 times their size. Your comment is foolish. Diesel makes sense to a lot of Americans. It’s creates more power, it’s gets great mileage, it can stay running longer idle and it’s cleaner now. Paris and London… come on.

  • Jay Maggio

    New York City has a higher population density than Paris.

  • Wayne Gale

    BRAVO GM. I’ve been waiting for an American diesel for a long time. Just make sure it’s a full size car and not something the size of a Cruze. Leasing a 2103 Avalon waiting to buy an American diesel car so make it at least that size with a V-6. A 3.0L V-6 with around 350-450 fl lbs in a car that isolates the occupants from road noise produced by crappy roads.

    To those bashing diesels, France can deal with their own problems, we’re talking America here. Doesn’t look like I can post the article named “Paris Smog Obscuring Eiffel Tower Threatens Diesel-Car Dominance” dated in June 2015 so I’ll let people know that they are talking diesels produced prior to 2011. The mayor also mentions that she reserves the right to include other diesels as well. But that’s in big ass cities and as mentioned it is currently about vehicles produced before 2011. Do some research and not just cherry pick articles to suit your desires to bash diesels.
    And it’s more than just cost savings in owning a diesel, which costs more to buy so I don’t know where that crap came from. Yes it burns less fuel but the cost of the fuel is on par with premium and depends on your location. But the future of biomass being turned into biofuel could make a huge difference in renewable fuel. Not to mention this latest invention of e-diesel in Germany. And then there’s the torque production of a diesel engine which just allows a more enjoyable engine for those of us who love diesel engines. I imagine that those looking to buy a Cadillac with a diesel engine already enjoy driving their Duramax powered pickups like myself. Or they have operated diesel powered big rigs. Diesel power rules!!!