CARB Wants Only Zero-Emission Vehicles by 2030

CARB Wants Only Zero-Emission Vehicles by 2030

The state of California wants all new vehicles sold in 2030 to emit zero emissions.

Heading the California Air Resources Board (CARB) since 2007 is Mary Nichols, who intends to push regulations that would essentially eliminate the sale of new cars with traditional combustion engines in the next few decades. Currently, the state requires that 2.7 percent of new cars sold this year be zero-emission vehicles, a mandate that will continue to increase annually starting in 2018. CARB has a goal that 22 percent of new car sales be zero-emission vehicles by 2025, but Nichols wants to push that even further, making all new vehicles sold be zero- or almost zero-emission vehicles by 2030.

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In the grand scheme of things, California wants the entire road filled with only zero-emission vehicles by 2050. What Nichols has planned may sound over ambitious, but Governor Jerry Brown has also set lofty goals to reduce California greenhouse-gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. Brown is also calling for a 50-percent reduction of transportation petroleum use by 2030.

Automakers haven’t been very fond of the policy changes and having to build and sell mandatory electric vehicles just to meet state regulations. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne has notoriously gone on the record hoping that no one purchases the Fiat 500e, which causes the automaker to lose $14,000 with each one sold.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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  • smartacus

    there will be no CARB by 2030.
    By that time; there will have been a lawsuit about CARB challenging EPA’s sole authority to regulate vehicle emissions.
    NTM; the probability that the California secessionists will find a way to break up the state into six states is rather high.

  • pywaket_1

    Yeah, we can’t wait for that agency to get dissolved. It’s been a pain, ever since that notorious Commie, Ronald Reagan signed the bill that created it.

    You are aware that the EPA allows states to adopt CARB level regulations if they want to, right? The lawsuits challenging that have all gone nowhere. The EPA even has information about it on their website, very easy to find, if you’ve ever heard of google….

    So the EPA, your supposed “Sole Authority” has already said to California: “we authorize you to do this”. You know what that means, right? They’re trying it out to see how it works, and when it does, will probably allow other states to do it as well, just like they do with the other CA-level emission standards, which have been adopted by 13 other states. Which these regulations inevitably do, despite the moaning and wailing from you troglodytes that it’s the end of civilization as we know it. You’ve been wrong every single time. The air is getting cleaner, even though miles traveled by car are increasing, rivers no longer catch fire, etc. And the country somehow hasn’t collapsed. In fact GDP is way, way up and we’re more productive than ever.

    I know research is a foreign concept to you, but give it a try sometime.

    Whether you like it or not, the civilized people in this country are going to make sure the air is breathable and the water is drinkable. Have you seen pictures of the air in LA in the 60s? You might look for some, and compare it to today. Most people, other than a few nuts like you, don’t want to go back to the bad old days of Beijing-level pollution.

    Not to mention the fact that cars are more reliable and efficient and powerful than they’ve ever been. They start reliably, no matter what the weather, and run for 100k miles, without so much as a tuneup. And one of the big reasons for that is because things like computer controlled, fuel injected engines are just better in every way. And why do we have those? Because the government forced the issue by requiring the automakers, who are always content with the status quo, to move forward. Cleaner burning engines are more powerful, and more efficient. Even econoboxes of today are faster than most anything you could buy 40 years ago.

  • smartacus

    So you admit you will be crying in shame when CARB gets abolished anyway 🙂

  • pywaket_1

    May I ask what basis you have for this assertion? Sorry, CARB has been around for 40+ years, has accomplished a lot of good, and I suspect it’ll be around for at least a while longer. After all, the vast majority of the population, particularly that of the state of California approve of them and what they’re doing.

  • smartacus

    CARB is going the way of the dodo bird and shall be relegated to the ash heap of history 🙂

  • pywaket_1

    So, in other words, you have nothing.


    No more food for you, troll.

  • smartacus

    You troll me then turn around and call me troll.
    obviously you are young , uneducated, unintelligent, and you are projecting your parents’ (actually only your single mom’s) political stupidity.
    *here is something that will make you feel better: you will be crying when Hillarity loses 🙂