Craig Cole’s 5 Favorite Things About Pebble Beach

Craig Cole’s 5 Favorite Things About Pebble Beach

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is the crown jewel of Monterey Car Week. As automotive events go, this is arguably the most prestigious in the world, featuring a fairway full of multi-million dollar vehicles.

But there’s so much more to see than just vintage iron. For starters, the people watching is unmatched; interacting with the world’s wealthy can be seriously entertaining for commoners (like me). The things they do and say are often unbelievable. Accordingly, concourse Sunday is a rare glimpse inside another world where people count their money with shovels and bulldozers.

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Along with top-shelf cars, high fashion is another prominent attribute of Pebble Beach. People really get into it, wearing period-correct outfits, paisley-patterned pantaloons and even gigantic hats. I even saw a guy dressed with a double-breasted jacket made of distressed denim. You win, sir, you win.

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Even though most of the cars and people at this event have decades of patina, not everything is old. New-vehicle introductions are playing an increasingly large role during Monterey Car Week. More and more automakers are using the associated events to showcase their latest products. One place worth checking out is the concept lawn, which is located right behind the Pebble Beach lodge. On this impeccably manicured green, you’ll see all the latest vehicles, from wildly styled supercars to production-ready models.

For the rest of my favorite things about Pebble Beach, please check out the accompanying video. You won’t be disappointed … well maybe you will be if you have any sort of standards but whatever. Please, just watch the video, OK?

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