Ford Ranger Slated for Return to US in 2018

Ford Ranger Slated for Return to US in 2018

The Ford Ranger is being resurrected for the U.S. market according to a recent report.

According to sources familiar with Ford’s plans, the American automaker has begun contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers that will bring production of the Ranger to a Michigan Assembly Plant in 2018. If everything gets approved, the Ford Ranger will replace production of both the Focus and C-Max, which will likely be heading to Mexico.

The Ford Ranger was the best-selling compact pickup truck in the U.S. from 1987 to 2004. Retail sales of the Ford Ranger were discontinued in the U.S. in 2011 while fleet sales lasted until the 2012 model year.

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The compact pickup truck market has grown in recent years with the introduction of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Currently, the Ranger is built in South Africa, Argentina, Thailand and Nigeria for 180 overseas markets. Ford hasn’t been importing the Ranger due to the 25-percent tax on foreign-built pickups, better known as the “chicken tax.”

[Source: Detroit News]

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  • Jonny_Vancouver

    Finally the return of the small truck. Next up the Toyota Hilux, and I hope they don’t drag their heels with this like everything else. I also hope these trucks stay small and not grow larger every year like every other damn vehicle.

  • craigcole

    I don’t know about “small.” I suspect the new Ranger will be a three-quarter-sized F-150, which makes me sad.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Would have loved one of those, but not available; GMC Canyon is the first non-Ford I have purchased. So far loving it.

  • Chris Daigle

    They need to remember that some of us cannot park even a 3/4 size F150. That’s why we want the Ranger back.

  • Mike

    I’d still take a Tacoma, BUT I’d take a Ford Ranger over a shoddy built Chevy Colorado any day.

  • And you are a bullshit because I’d take the 2016 Volt FOREVER!

  • danwat1234

    +1 except no need for cussing. ’16 Volt is awesome


    Just flag the spammer.. he cursed me the same on a WRX post.. must be his favorite word spray painted on the side of his trailer. 😉

  • danwat1234

    hah flagged ’em

  • danwat1234

    360 degree video monitor to see if you are about to hit a curb or tree would help. Nissan has that in their Leaf optionally (around view monitor)

  • Chris Daigle

    The full size Ford F150 has had this for a few years. My point was that full size trucks are SO big that parking one in a normal garage means anything else would have to be a smart car to fit at the same time.

  • Paul Franken

    Nice looking truck. I’ve owned three Rangers (1988, 2001 and currently a 2006) and have been pleased with each and every one. The ’88 had a ‘spark knock’ that would not go completely away – Ford said it was normal (181k miles). The ’01 had a ‘silent recall’ concerning the cam chain tensioners – sounded like ‘spark knock but it was rattily cam chains (42k miles). The ’06 had a failed transfer case shift motor; mechanic rebuilt it for a song and stated I wasn’t using it enough! (4WD and currently 31k miles). Looking forward to the Ranger’s return.

  • Clete Torres

    So they’re bringing back the SportTrac and calling it a Ranger.

  • Albert

    Great,but I hope they have more models than just the Sport Trac.The bed is just too small & almost useless for a truck.I still am driving my 2002 Ranger XLT 4.0 with a 5 speed automatic. Great engine & transmission combination.Not a real fast truck,but I’ve surprised a lot of rice burners ( & a few American made cars & trucks too) with it.
    It’s the best vehicle I have ever owned. ( That’s why I still have it ) Now if Ford could put the 2.7 Eco Boost V-6 in it & the price isn’t too high that would be awesome.I don’t want any personal E-mail responses,if I see any they will be deleted & not read. Thanks.

  • Mojave Son

    I like my 2008 Ford Ranger and would be interested in getting a new one in 2018, as long as it’s a SuperCab with a 6 foot bed like my current one. I don’t like the 4 door small bed trucks.

  • Kreayden