GM Turning to Aluminum for Next-Gen Pickup Trucks


Following Ford’s lead, GM is turning to aluminum and lightweight steel for its next-generation of pickup trucks and SUVs.

The American automaker has announced that it will be investing $877 million to overhaul its factory in Flint, Michigan, that is in charge of producing pickup trucks. The investment is part of a plan to expand a trio of U.S. truck plants, installing new assembly lines, body welding shops and paint operations to accommodate future generations of Silverado pickups and SUVs including the Chevrolet Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade.

People familiar with the automaker’s plans revealed that GM’s next-generation trucks and SUVs will use various materials, including aluminum and lightweight steel to help drop weight and improve fuel economy, similar to a move Ford made with its F-150. Of course, Chevrolet has been bashing Ford’s use of aluminum in new ads lately, but everyone has a short memory and those will be long forgotten by 2018 when Chevrolet brings a truck to market using aluminum.

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Unlike Ford however, GM plans to keep its factories running through the major model change and has no plans of taking “the whole facility down for six months and go dark in the market,” according to Cathy Clegg, head of North American manufacturing.

[Source: Reuters]

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  • Inigo Montoya, prepare to die

    So Gm is pulling a Kelly Osborne. Calling somebody out and then doing the same thing.

  • smartacus

    it’s true; most people will forget the grizzly ads just like they forgot about GM’s dancing fatso trio, or more recently the fake Corvette for girlfriend videos, and the fake Jeff Gordon test drive of the non-existent 2009 Camaro.
    The only thing a good customer can do is just make a promise never to descend to GM.

  • Isend2C

    I hope Ford pays to run Chevy’s current ad in 3 years…

  • smartacus


  • smartacus

    GM was betting on nanoSteel a couple of years ago

  • Brad Barefoot

    This is just great, Chevy runs advertising touting that real trucks are all steel … now they plan to go into aluminum body panels.

  • Mike

    Government Motors are hypocrites. Owned one GM, and never again. That’s all it took.

  • Colin

    GM has been using aluminum for years, in suspension components and other areas. The lower control arms on my 08 are aluminum, for example. I’m interested to see what mix of aluminum and steel GM uses in the new trucks.

  • elkhornsun

    It’s called marketing. No big deal when no lives are involved unlike when the Bush administration lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Get some perspective people.

  • Fed Up

    You do realize that they did indeed find chemical weapons, right? The New York Times did a rather detailed article on it late last year.

    Still blaming Bush? At what point does this become Obama’s legacy? According to Marxist liberals, anything good is because of Obama and anything bad is the fault of the other guy that hasn’t been in office for over 6.5 years.

  • Bob

    Another whiny libturd!!! You must of found a secret stash of obummy kool aid!
    Maybe Bernie Sanders sent it to you. LOL

    You really need to find a LIFE & quickly!!

  • Rick

    Dumbass. Read the news stupid moron. They did find the weapons.

  • TexRob

    And yet Chevy is still airing their idiotic bear commercial with the cages. I wonder what all the Chevy fan boys making fun of Ford are going to say now?

  • Troy Power

    Always a stupid move to bash the competition…as you end up calling the very customers you are hoping will come to your brand stupid for having bought the brand you are bashing, bad marketing, consumers want positive…what is your company doing to make its product more competitive?