Help Make the LEGO Ford GT a Reality


You can vote to help make the LEGO Ford GT a reality.

On the LEGO Ideas website, which allows users to support a project to help make it a reality, a Ford GT constructed from 950 bricks at approximately 1:17 scale has popped up. The creator incorporated scissor doors, trunk and hood along with a detailed engine, although he admits it’s somewhat invented since Ford hasn’t shown off what will actually power the GT yet. Inside is a dark black and blue interior with as much detailing as possible.

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Overall, the dimensions of the LEGO Ford GT is 270 mm long by 110 mm wide by 80 mm tall.

The LEGO Ford GT is similar to the LEGO Lamborghini Veneno we reported about earlier. Both projects need 10,000 votes before qualifying for review. If the LEGO Ford GT makes it to the review stage, a board of set designers and marketing representatives will take a closer look at the idea to determine if it should be approved for production. Creators of projects that get approved will create the final set while working closely with LEGO. They will also receive a royalty on sales and is recognized as the product’s creator.

[Source: LEGO Ideas]

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  • Bug S Bunny

    I read the article and I still don’t understand.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    At the bottom right of the article there’s a link [Source: LEGO Ideas] click on that and on the next web page there’s another link on the right, it’s a button that says “Support” click on that and it will ask you to create a LEGO ID or sign in using your LEGO ID if you already have one, then you can vote.