Honda S660 Under Consideration for US Market


The Honda S660 could be heading to the U.S.

Smaller than the Mazda MX-5 Miata by two feet, the S660 convertible is a subcompact sports car that is under consideration for the U.S. market. Since the S2000, Honda hasn’t offered a convertible two-seater in North America and although the S660 is a far cry from the performance the S2000 offered, it’s still exciting to hear that it could arrive on U.S. soil. Rumor has it that Honda would swap out the 0.66-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 63 hp for a more powerful 1.0-liter engine to accommodate American buyers. For comparison’s sake, the new Miata sports a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine with 155 hp.

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In a recent interview with Edmunds, executive vice president of American Honda, John Mendel, confirmed that Honda is “looking at it intently for North America,” speaking about the S660. He added that the automaker wants “some spice in the lineup” and depending on how much performance it could eke from the 1.0 liter, the S660 could fit the bill. Of course the car has all the traditional hurdles of having to be commercially viable in the U.S. while making sure it does something for the Honda brand before it gets greenlit for export.

[Source: Edmunds]

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  • smartacus

    here is my neck that Honda will never bring it here. It would be successful and they know it would be successful; and that is the reason why they won’t dare bring it here. If you want sporty, they tell you to buy a Fit 🙂
    Not kidding

  • expert

    I don’t think it would sell well at all here….at least not with that powertrain.

  • The MANly MAN


  • The MANly MAN


  • Me

    Well in other articles, they’ve stated they’d bring it here as the s1000 with a potential output of 130ish horsepower. 1900ish pounds, and 130ish horsepower? Yes please. 14.6 pounds per horsepower, mid-engine, rear-wheel drive would be fantastic.

  • smartacus

    oh it will sell like Eva Gabor’s “hotscakes” specifically with that powertrain. They won’t bring it here because it would be too popular.

  • AwdSyco Subaru

    It’s a Del Sol with Civic front fascia, nothing special rather get Miata 2015 much more sexier, power, and handling.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    i hope they bring it here with a hard top option. If so, I’d sell part of my liver to have one.

  • Isend2C

    I’ll give Honda a down payment now if they just tell me yes…

  • Michael Erskine

    And Mazda is a Ford company……hmmmm Honda or Ford?….yea screw a Ford. The Honda will last the rest of your life, the Ford will drive for 5 years and sit in your yard for the next 20 years.

  • Mike B

    Ford sold it’s controlling shares of Mazda over 5 years ago. They are no more Ford than Jaguar and Volvo are now.

  • Christopher Cole

    So that would be a mr2 Spyder….which never sold well here in the U.S.; I suppose it depends on storage space as well as handling; don’t get me wrong I’d love a honda S1000, I’ve owned a Mr2 Spyder and loved it, it’s just not a practical car for the “consumer market” we have here in the USA- where would you put all the junk we buy?

  • Gabe

    hardtop at least 200hp and i am sold , of course i am dreaming lol


    Blaa.. The Del Sol was slightly exciting in its day. Years later the Del Sols are 20k pieces of garbage. If Honda brings this s660 to the USA? It will need to be fully loaded under 20k, 1.5L Turbocharged, and done right from the start. Honda lately has been screwing over 1st and 2nd year new model buyers with less features, bad designs and lower quality interiors. Then by year 3-5 they get it right and discontinue the car.. Replacing it with a plain new model that will follow the same cycle.

  • Sergio Aguirre

    It would sell well here. The biggest factor would be if the engine bay could fit a k20 engine. If it allows enough space for a k20 this thing would sell out even with a tiny 1L engine because people would swap in the 2L engine and make it a pocket rocket. RWD honda is a good thing. RWD honda chassis with room for a k20 = amazing lol

  • Sergio Aguirre

    There are more 9 sec del sols than there are miatas. More 700-1000hp + del sols
    Garbage? They handle very well, accept b/h/k series engines and can weigh under 2200lbs they also accept mid engine transplants to make them RWD if you want.


    You dont have to sell me on Honda. Modding cars is not my thing. I buy and drive them. Very few people know how to mod a car correctly or dont and damage the engine/transmission. I live in Ohio and have yet to see a Del Sol on the road that doesnt have 20-50 dings in that tin foil body. And most have been modded in a bad way and sound like rice.. My opinion is this. You want a faster car? Buy a WRX or Focus St/Rs. Modding an old mans sunday summer little sports car seems silly. I would say buy an Si but I have a 2013 si coupe and the power mehhh.. weak lol

  • Sergio Aguirre

    Silly because you can’t gather the sense to understand the mechanical workings of a car? LMFAO. So we shouldn’t upgrade our computers either, if we want a faster computer we should just buy that one right? It’s cost prohibitive because with the mechanical cost your normally paying a premium for a “faster” car. This has nothing to do with the actual costs involved but more about profit margins. Anyway I have an 08 Si that I modify and it’s leagues better in feel than a wrx. Subaru engines suck and everyone who modifys cars knows it. My k20z3 engine can make 600hp with forced induction. A subaru engine would blow up trying the same thing. I understand you can’t turn a wrench or understand compressor maps but saying it’s silly is laughable coming from someone who can’t do it. Improving things isn’t silly – it’s progress. Honda gives decent foundations that respond well to tweaking – when the civic type r finally arrives it will be a turbo 2L that makes 306hp stock and capable of at least 450 hp with bolt-on upgrades you can do in your driveway. Would it be silly to make it faster rather than buy a 450hp/2900lb car. Check the prices on those cars lol. Bolt-ons might be 1500-2000 tops. Those other cars would be multiples of the entire purchase price of the car


    Once Honda starts selling cars with stock turbos. I think modding will become more accepted. Turbos will become more and more common and replica Honda turbos will be sold as an accepted addon. Right now most people classify modded cars and rebuilt in the same catagory.

  • Sergio Aguirre

    The integra type r first sold here for 5 to 10k OVER msrp at the dealership so first you would have to get it at msrp before trying to charge double as the dealers themselves would rip you off first. Next finding a buyer to pay that much – while there are plenty of enthusiasts I don’t think 60k for a type r would make sense when you can buy an 11 Si for 12-15k and a turbo kit for 7k. The si would be much much faster than a stock r for 1/3 the price. Modified and rebuilt are hardly the same as rebuilt title cars have been in accidents and registered with the DMV. Upgrading the car does not make it worth less than kbb although trying to find people to pay full price for your mods would be difficult. Most part out the car and return it to as close to stock as makes sense. Take the turbo off and replace the stock exhaust. But normally when u build something serious you want to keep it as it’s hard to replace the performance.


    I agree but a Civic Si isnt as special as they use to be. Its just a Si no matter how fast you make it. I have a dealer that sells me anything at invoice + less holdback. Im thinking if I pre order it I may get it cheap. Of course I understand what a rebuilt title is. My point is that 90% of your average buyers avoid modded cars as they do salvage.

  • Sergio Aguirre

    The Si has always been the most special civic you could buy here. The 2017 civic will be the first civic type r sold here in the 20 years they have been available. It will also be the fastest honda automobile they ever made for the public. Special yes but the avg civic enthusiast willing to plunk down 30-35k for it is 35-45 years old. If they see prices at 50-60k they will just buy an AMG CLA45
    The point of a civic is being cost effective – buying one for 50k+ wouldn’t make sense to a gup making 50-150k a year when he can get an awd Mercedes with more power and luxury for less money. Civic type r will command a premium at first but a year or two later prices will fall and the “special” will wear off to most owners. Then smart money will pick them up for 20-25k vs 35-40k new. A few miles won’t hurt a Honda. Especially an R


    Special to whom? Haha, I have a 2013 Civic Si coupe with 15k miles. Mint condition ForSale 18k.. haha

  • Sergio Aguirre

    Nobody wants a 13. The 2011s are more sought after because of the better engine, looks, etc.
    I test drove a 2015 and was disappointed. My 08 is way more engaging. The 2.4L motor is too boring and the incorporated exhaust manifold into the head is garbage.
    Special as in unique in the civic range. Has unique engine, only manual trans, better everything and unique colors/badging. It’s not a normal civic, it’s special.

  • Kwame Hitchens

    I was thinking for the car could do about 135 horsepower because it was be enough for it or do more with a three cylinder.

  • AliasNorth

    as long as it’s light, power is an afterthought when you’re looking for a fun rwd car. Even with 50hp you can have fun in a 800kg car

  • Kinetis

    This is hilarious becuase 2 days ago the article was “Honda S660 Not Coming to US”.

    ““I wouldn’t put my chips on that,” John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda told Automotive News when asked about whether or not the small two-seater would come to the U.S.”