Hyundai Sports Car Shelved for Time Being

Hyundai Sports Car Shelved for Time Being

A future Hyundai sports car may never come to fruition.

The Korean automaker continues to keep a close eye on the sports car market, but hasn’t been able to find a suitable business case to develop a model of its own. The news comes from Hyundai U.K. head Tony Whitehorn who said, “Not many people make money out of sports cars. The sports car market is shrinking dramatically, and even firms with heritage and a great product are struggling. Aside from the Audi TT and Mazda MX-5, it is a tough place to be.”

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Whitehorn replaces Allan Rushforth, who previously revealed that Hyundai was looking at developing a premium sports car inspired by the PassoCorto concept from the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. However, with Rushforth’s departure, it appears that the idea of a Hyundai sports car has been shelved.

Instead, Hyundai will likely focus on the N sub-brand launch for 2017, which will take existing models to “add shine” to the rest of the range.

[Source: Autocar]

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  • Sensible. The route of the GT86 Toyota/Subaru thingy not the best path to take …. the buyers for that vehicle type – new car buyers – can be saturated pretty quickly and unfortunately the used buyers of those cars never seem to gravitate upwards into new car buyers but instead drift into having a family and then buying regular family car bumblers. Then after the family they come back looking at the lower end of used sports cars as a second car …… all around unprofitable for markers. Shame

  • Duke Cavindish

    Sounds like myself, at 58 always drove the troop haulers and last year bought a used 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8GT to fulfill my need for something a little sportier at a price point that won’t break the bank. Said I would never but a Hyundai, always drove GM, this is a great little car, just turned 100k, thought it might detonate but still runs mint. Oil change every 3500km, going for 200k,,,,,,,, 🙂 And they’re not everywhere like the other “popular” brands which somewhat played into my ownership of a Genesis. Would buy one again!