Jeep Wrangler Popemobile Being Used for US Tour

Jeep Wrangler Popemobile Being Used for US Tour

The Jeep Wrangler will serve as the Popemobile when Pope Francis tours the U.S. next month.

Fitting in with Pope Francis’s vision of wanting more “frugal” cars as Popemobiles, The Vatican has confirmed a Jeep Wrangler will be used during the pope’s U.S. visit from September 22 to 27. The Popemobile will be similar to the one Pope Francis used during his trip to Ecuador in July. Unlike previous popes, Pope Francis favors open-air cars that allow him to interact with those on the roadways during his tours, a far cry from the past enclosed glass vehicles of traditional, bulletproof Popemobiles.

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If the Jeep Wrangler Popemobile used in the U.S. is the same as the one used in Ecuador, expect a glass-front roof with open side. The Vatican said that the vehicle is already in Secret Service possession and won’t be on view until Pope Francis begins his tour next month.

Other Popemobiles used by Pope Francis include a Fiat hatchback in Brazil, a Kia Soul in South Korea and a Hyundai Santa Fe convertible that is used to escort him around Vatican City.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

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