Koenigsegg Doesn’t Care About Industry’s Top Speed Records

Koenigsegg Doesn’t Care About Industry’s Top Speed Records

The CEO of Koenigsegg isn’t all that worried about Bugatti holding the top speed record.

The Swedish supercar maker recently held an “Ask Me Anything,” similar to the AMAs found on Reddit, with its CEO. One fan inquired on when Koenigsegg will test the real top speed of its cars. In reply, Christian von Koenigsegg addressed several factors as to why his company isn’t making it a high priority. First, the CEO admitted that it’s not an easy thing to do and it’s not without risk, but the more important question to ask is, “How important is it, really?

In addition, a proper venue to do top-speed testing is tough to find and, currently, the safest spot is Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien test track, but it’s not feasible considering Bugatti, which is owned by the Volkswagen Group, owns the record. Lastly, Koenigsegg reiterated that his company is small and it has to choose what it spends its time and resources on wisely.

But to close off answering the question, Koenigsegg proposed one himself: “What is more important: an absolute top speed that customers are never likely to reach, or acceleration speed, which a customer will use every time they go to the track?”

To demonstrate just how much more Koenigsegg values acceleration over top speed, a number that is admittedly not achievable for the everyday vehicle owner, its One:1 recently went from 0-300-0 kph in just 17.95 seconds. In fact, the One:1 is far quicker than any other car when it comes to acceleration.

In other words, Koenigsegg believes a “usable” record is much more important than a top speed one, even though it’s confident that the One:1 can go faster than 435 kph or 270.3 mph.

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As for a Nurburgring record, Koenigsegg stated that the situation with the track hasn’t changed and with the speed limits in place, it’s currently impossible for the automaker to attempt a record lap. He did say that if that changes and Nurburgring records are back on the table, Koenigsegg intends to “do everything” it can to get there.

The CEO also said that it has no plans to produce normal road cars for general consumers in the near future.

Check out the rest of the AMA event in the source link below.

[Source: Koenigsegg]

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    Yeah, they don’t care unless their car’s top speed is the highest, then it’s the best thing ever.