Longer, Lower and Wider: The 2017 Mercedes C-Class Coupe


Mercedes-Benz has introduced the new C-Class coupe.

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe will make its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but the German automaker has spilled the details and photos ahead of time. One of the main goals for Mercedes this time around was to further differentiate the C-Class coupe in design and performance from its sedan counterpart, so that the coupe doesn’t act like a two-door variant of the sedan.

Compared to its predecessor, the new C-Class coupe is 3.7-inches longer and 1.6-inches wider while the clean lines are further accentuated by a high beltline and frameless doors with free-standing exterior mirrors. Compared to the sedan, the coupe will sit 0.6 inches closer to the ground and will come standard with 18-inch wheels. Air suspension will also be available as an option, adding electronically controlled, continuously adjustable damping on the front and rear axle.

For the U.S. market, the C-Class coupe will come with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 241 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. Rear-wheel drive will be standard although 4MATIC will be available as an option for those seeking all-wheel drive performance.

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The model will also come loaded with standard features including LED headlights, Collision Prevention Assist Plus, Pre-Safe, Keyless Start, Dynamic Select, a seven-inch color tablet-style display, power front seats with driver memory, automatic belt feeder, panorama sunroof, sport suspension and Mbrace services with Remote Start (five years of service included).

The automaker also revealed the packages that will be available when the C-Class coupe hits the market. The Premium 1 Package is highlighted by heated seats, Keyless-Go, Blind Spot Assist, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and a Burmester premium sound system. Stepping up to the Premium 2 Package will equip the C-Class coupe with Comand navigation and voice control, five years of SiriusXM Weather and Traffic services, an 8.4-inch high resolution display, hands-free access and an electronic trunk closer. Topping the Premium Package range is a Premium 3 Package that adds Distronic Plus with Steering Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, dynamic LED headlights, Adaptive Highbeam Assist and Air Balance.

Other options include a Sport Appearance Package, head-up display, 360-degree camera and Parktronic and Advance Parking Assist and heated and ventilated seats.

Pricing for the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe will be announced closer to its spring 2016 launch as well as fuel economy figures and 0-60 times.

“Our new C-Class Coupe continues the philosophy of our exciting coupes. It combines thrilling design with agile sportiness and modern luxury. The C-Class Coupe therefore clearly pledges itself to stylish driving enjoyment,” states Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and responsible for group research and Mercedes-Benz cars development.

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  • me

    Back end is a failure.

  • Yoo Jastle

    Nope. When the time comes to trade my AMG….I’ll be looking at Cadillac….not this BangleMobile.

  • Djohan P Noya

    Rear end look like BMW

  • Albert Amato

    From the rear is does have a Volkswagen sort of look. It could have been better.

  • Mike

    Cadillac? LMAO. Nobody buys those anymore. Horrid resale. That’s why the poor gangbangers drive them.

  • Bond

    Forget about C
    If really want to get, of course get the S coupe
    C is for kids

  • kenny sauray

    Beautiful design, Job well done MB. The interior is just awesome too.

  • Acadianlion

    Yup…all the trendy things. Ass end up in the air with odd-shaped exhaust tips, nose down to the ground over enormously wide wheels that will last approximately 1/2 winter in real world driving and naturally, that “high belt line” that makes the windows appear to have all the visibility outward as your basic WWI machine gun bunker. Best of all, all those electronic gizzies that will fail to work one minute after the warranty period expires, if not before. And all of this and much, much more for even more money than the ridiculously priced last one. Nope. With every succeeding Mercedes model joyfully announced, I get further and further away from ever buying anything Mercedes built after 1990.

  • Rear looks a LOT like a Honda Accord coupe…. 🙁

  • John Rand

    Isnt it wonderful. 160K less than the S Coupe and they look identical. The S Coupe is B.S. Why would any one buy an S Coupe when they can have a C Class that is to most people on the street an S Class. Mercedes is so screwed up. This is the best car they have going (besides the Maybach 600 and the new GT3) what is Mercedes thinking?????

  • John Rand

    The S Coupe is UGLY and more expensive. Why not move up to a Bentley so people wont confuse your kids car with yours. The S Coupe it a total joke. This car is perfect for the wanna be Mercedes owners. The S doesn’t have the place the CL used to. Mercedes is really screwed up. Most people wouldn’t know this car from a S. This car is perfect. The S Coupe is a JOKE.

  • Fred Nilsson

    My wife has a C class I have a CL, an SL63, and they are in NO way the same thing. The C class is not a GERMAN CAR its S African. The C class is really a nice Acura, S class a a totally different car to those who have owned both for many years.

  • Fred Nilsson

    What do you knopw they let the marketing PhD’s do their work and it turns out people want certain things. I stopped buying MB too I only buy AMG. LOve my SL63 big block, what a sould, and my CL63 nothing like it. But you have to buy them 2 years used and add 2 years warranty and you get your monies worth.

  • FLLoeffler

    I also have a C-Class made in Germany I was told S. African go to S. America.

  • Glen Olah

    If you do some research you’ll find Caddy at the moment in some instances is a well priced valid alternative to AMG

  • Glen Olah

    It’s a real shame isn’t it – they screwed the back end yet nailed everything else…

  • John Rand

    I don’t know if you know this but I am being very sarcastic. The little C is built in Tuscaloosa AL and doesn’t even come close to a CL. I have a 2014 CL 600 Full Designo with granite in place of the wood with every single option. I had a chance to buy the horrifically styled S Coupe and now the C class looks more in proportion than the S Coupe does not to mention they look almost identical in every way. I had first refusal on the Edition 1 S Coupe but decided to take delivery on my 2014 CL 600 instead ( boy am I glad I did). What I am saying is, ALL Mercedes to most peoples eyes look the same. The C and the S Coupe are to most people ( who are not in the know) will look to them as the same car. No distinction whatsoever. Nothing compares to a CL 600 and the CL 65. They are just that much different. Plus the fact in the US only 55, 600’s and 24, 65’s were made from 11-14 ( tons of 63’s flood the market as does the 550) ( the 600 and 65 are rare and very sexy) people definitely know your not in a C Class when your driving around that is for sure!~ Plus I had my engine remapped to put out over 700 BHP.

  • expert

    front end is an even worse failure….not to mention horrible wheels.

  • Fred Nilsson

    Literally every time I get gas with my SL 63 2010 Big Block that sounds like a 427 Cobra black on black I get a compliment. I get a compliment in the CL 1 out of 10 times. Your right people cant tell the different, but most people know an SL, the new one a big blah. But the M156 growler calles attention, thats what have it for. I have to put on new rear axle tires every 7,000 miles with Track control on. There is usable horse power. Anything over 600hp on a rear wheel drive is a tire schredder. Try the SL with the face lift next time, you will know what I mean. There is a reason AMG engeneres cried when they stopped making the M156 its a race engine and sounds like it, the 600, not really. Fast sure, but, Brute, no. If I want speed ill get a GTR, you should really try the 63 with the top down, that sound with shot gun kick on down shifts, truly amazing, people cannot beleive its an MB. When its time to dress up, I take the CL.

  • Fred Nilsson

    You must have an older one. New ones are not German.

  • Fred Nilsson

    It kinda does doesn’t it.

  • FLLoeffler

    Yes, mine is a 2012. The door tag states “Made In Germany”

  • Fred Nilsson

    Keep it, there is emotional value to German made. Notice MB doesnt go out of their way to say “Hey try our new African C Class, its Awsome” I’m sure there is no difference, where something is made is irrelevent as long as managment and the equptment is there to make it right. But you will have a better trade in or sell value one day, you get to say, “I have a real German C-Class it will help sell it when the time comes” Wife has a 2013 C300 S Africa, feels nice for the money, she has a 2007 SL55 AMG for weekends, But you get what you pay for in life. My entire family for 4 generations has only had MB with a Ford here and there, never a BMW etc.

  • FLLoeffler

    sort of like my garage find I am the second owner made and bought in Germany 1970 280SL with 48405 k not fast ,lots of class

  • Fred Nilsson

    If the paint job and trim looks good, Loads of Class. Fast isn’t everything anyway, it’s also illegal. 90% of the time I’m in my SL63 big block, I’m cruising, sun and engine sound, love it. If a new Vette buyer pulls up, i’ll let him have it. I hate looking around for cops every time I want to hit it, then blow $500 getting it to a non moving violation. You see a lot of 1970 MB in eastern Europe, lots of places, built like a brick.

  • FLLoeffler

    I don’t think there are many Eurropean versions here in the US. Still has the tool kit with unopened battery water and first aid kit. No cracks in the wood and the soft top never raised!

  • Fred Nilsson

    Well thats almost describing a show car, even repainter or original as long as it looks good you get respect from people in the know. You have a rare piece, nice job.

  • Aaron

    The 2015 C-class coupes were made in Germany. I have seen nothing that states where the 2017 C-class coupes will be made. The sedans yes starting in the 2015 model year have been made stateside.

  • Sick Ofhollywood

    Love Mercedes – but…. looks like a Volkswagen. Sorry. Keep driving my E320 – 2004