MINI Connected App Updated with New Features

MINI Connected App Updated with New Features

The MINI Connected app has been comprehensively redesigned after five years on the market. With pared-down functionality, it now focuses more heavily on things related to driving.

Some of the features it brandishes include online search, a calendar and something called Streetwise, which allows a user to display a route on their smartphone before starting a journey. Accordingly, it shows things like distance, duration and fuel consumption, as well as any past trips a driver has taken. The Streetwise feature can even help you calculate the best route to take while heading to a given destination.

MINI Connected also includes sports instruments and a force meter. These features allow a driver to monitor things like engine speed, torque output, temperature and more to keep them engaged while tearin’ it up on twisty roads.

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In addition to all of this, motorists can check on their MINI when it’s parked, monitoring things like fuel level, potential driving range and the car’s location. Additionally, they can check on any applications they’ve installed on their smartphone that are accessible from the vehicle’s infotainment system. Naturally they can also browse the app store and add a few more if they want.

The latest version of the MINI Connected app will available for download in a couple weeks so look for this update soon.

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