New ‘Top Gear’ Coming to Amazon Next Fall

New ‘Top Gear’ Coming to Amazon Next Fall

Online retail giant Amazon is relaunching a version of Top Gear. The yet-unnamed show is set to premiere in the fall of 2016 but true enthusiasts of this program may be a bit disappointed.

Everyone that loves to binge-watch content will have to be patient. The company has no plans to push out every episode all at once. According to the show’s producer Andy Wilman, who’s also anew Amazon employee, a metered release schedule is more appropriate for a program of this format, which has studio segments and covers a lot of news.

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Other details about the new Top Gear series are starting to emerge as well. It turns out Amazon has signed up for three 12-episode seasons. Each installment will run for 60 minutes, just like the current format.

Undoubtedly more details about this hugely popular program will emerge in the coming months as planning and production ramp up for next year’s big introduction. Can you wait? We can’t.

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  • craigcole

    I really wonder what this Amazon show will be called. High Gear? Overdrive? The Upshift Hour? LOL!

  • smartacus

    i like your suggestions, High Gear, Prime Gear. Something with Gear in it for continuity?

  • Olivier P.

    Or what Clarkson like to scream : POWAAAAA !! Power shift would be great to ! It was my favorite show for several years and i’m glad they come back !!

  • GentlemanJim

    perhaps a nod to the new American roots… Gearheads

  • GentlemanJim

    Final Gear or whatever they call it, it will double Amazon subscribership. Get your Amazon stock while it’s still cheap.