Nurburgring Lifting Speed Limits for 2016

Nurburgring Lifting Speed Limits for 2016

Automakers will be allowed to resume chasing Nurburgring speed records next year.

In June, the world famous track essentially banned official lap times by imposing speed limits on portions of the course. The decision followed an accident during a VLN race where driver Jann Mardenborough was involved in a crash that resulted in the death of a spectator. At the time, it was expected that the track would take a look again at the changes toward the end of the year and now Nurburgring has released a statement promising no less than 16 improvements so that official Nurburgring lap times can once again be chased.

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Details of the 16 improvements are a bit light, but the track intends to implement seven of them during the winter downtime from November 2015 and March 2016. One area of interest will be the jump at Quiddelbacher Hohe and the double right-hander at Flugplatz. According to CEO Carsten Schumacher, the track intends to renew 500 meters of the track surface in the area Flugplatz, eliminating five bumps that have arisen over the many years of hard use.

Other changes to the course include an “exclusion zone” around Schwedenkreuz and improved fencing throughout.

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    if they modify the track; they will ALL have to go back out there and redo all the records.