Poll: Porsche 918 or McLaren P1?

Poll: Porsche 918 or McLaren P1?

When the term “supercar” wasn’t apt enough to describe this very special class of car, the word “hypercar” was created. The Porsche 918 and McLaren P1 are two of the most popular hypercars around. They’re hyper expensive, and they’re both sold out.

Both cars came out around the same time, they’re both packed with space-age technology, and they’re both hybrids with insane speed and earth-shattering performance credentials.

The McLaren is powered by a 727-hp V8 and a 177-hp electric motor. Combined, the Porsche has 887 hp and 944 lb-ft of torque from a V8 and an electric motor at each axle.

But which one would YOU rather have on your driveway? Answer our poll to chime in!

  • The only car that I would rather have is the 2016 Chevrolet Volt!

  • smartacus

    oooh that’s a toughy. Randy Pobst lapped both around Laguna Seca and found the 918 a bit faster. I guess i’ll go for the more reasonably priced 918.