Researchers Were Able to Hack a Tesla Model S

Researchers Were Able to Hack a Tesla Model S

Adding some fire to the hot-button issue of automotive security, a cybersecurity company was able to hack a Tesla Model S, take control of the electric car and turn it off at a low speed.

This hack is one of six flaws and vulnerabilities the researchers identified with the Model S’s security, the Financial Times reports via Reuters. The cybersecurity firm, Cloudfare, says they hacked the car because they have a better understanding of software than automakers do.

“We shut the car down when it was driving initially at a low speed of five miles per hour,” the newspaper quoted the firm’s security researcher Marc Rogers as saying. “All the screens go black, the music turns off and the handbrake comes on, lurching it to a stop.”

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The hack will be discussed in detail at a cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas Friday, but Tesla has already sent out a software patch to address the security vulnerability.

This news follows the security issues exposed in the Jeep Cherokee last month, when hackers were able to turn the car off and gain access to its functions wirelessly.

[Source: Financial Times via Reuters]

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  • Stephen Pace

    Tesla handled this so well. Where some companies would have tried to sue the researchers to prevent them from releasing the information, Tesla invited them in, got the details, and immediately developed a patch. I installed mine yesterday prior to the news breaking. Then they hired Google’s hacker star Chris Evans to come look for more. Meanwhile, Fiat Chrysler knew about the flaw in UConnect back in January 2014 and did nothing until it came out in the press. Even then, you either had to bring your car back to the dealer to get it fixed or download and install a patch from their website.

  • Crystal Smith

    This “article” is the most vague bit of information I have seen on this topic. Jodi Lai, you are more than likely capable of doing a better job than this.

  • danwat1234

    Bad news (Facebook post of yours) ?????? No, Tesla did the right thing in letting them find the vulnerabilities.

  • Mike

    Tesla is about done. It’s getting painful.