Scion Wants You to Skip the Dealership and Buy Online


Scion wants buyers to be able to purchase a brand new vehicle online.

With the ability to purchase nearly anything online with a few strokes of a keyboard and a few clicks of a mouse, or simply by tapping on a tablet or mobile device, Scion is looking take advantage of the Internet to sell new cars. The Japanese automaker has been testing its Pure Process Plus Internet buying system for the last few months, starting with 10 dealerships and and now up to 60. Essentially an upgraded version of Scion’s Pure Process, which eliminates haggling over the price of Scion vehicles, the automaker wants consumers to use a website to customize their vehicle, get a final price, arrange financing and when possible, have the vehicle delivered to them.

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The majority of Scion models don’t offer a ton of options, leaving the choices to be made involving exterior color choice, transmission type and whether or not a buyer wants navigation. According to Scion, the average time during the pilot program was about four hours from beginning to end, but in over half of the cases, it took about two hours to purchase a new car online.

The program is currently being used in Phoenix and San Diego but is expected to branch out to the 1,000 or so dealerships nationwide by the middle of next year.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

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  • smartacus

    How in God’s name is this ack basswards idea even imaginable?
    People stress out about buying headphone splitters online sight unseen.

    And how are they gonna do co-signing? (heck, how they gonna prevent co-sign fraud?)

  • Shiratori1

    It works for tesla, so…………

  • whateverdude

    I do not like this idea at all. What ever happened to test drives? How stupid would one be to invest a lot of money without inspecting the car for flaws?

  • smartacus

    uh, no it doesn’t work for Tesla…

  • craigcole

    I LOVE the idea of buying online, ideally from the manufacturer. You’d just go to a “factory showroom,” verify with a test drive that the vehicle you want meets your needs then order exactly what you want. No dealer BS to deal with.

  • If I’m buying online, I want more options than I get at the dealer. After all, I’m not getting the vehicle in real time. I also would want to arrange a local test drive before buying.

  • Cody Beisel

    I suggest anyone who is interested in a scion drive one first. Outside of the frs these cars are a huge yawn. Don’t buy before you drive you might find yourself an expensive lesson

  • gedster314

    I always hate buying a car from a dealer. You spend several hours negotiating and when its all said and done, you still feel like you got screwed. I’m for fixed pricing but online purchasing, no. I still need to drive it.

    Re Cody Beisel, all toyotas are boring to drive. Scions are just where old Toyota platforms go to die. FRS not included. My XB is the previous generation Camry engine and transmission. Read an article that my XB was rated most reliable compact car, Toyota had almost 15 years to work out the bugs. Sure it’s uninspiring but it is a basic car with proven Toyota hardware. I have had 3 Toyotas in my life and all have lasted over 200K without headaches.

  • Raymund Arenque

    What do you mean, it doesn’t work for Tesla? They were the only automotive company that let’s you buy cars online. And have it picked up at their stores or delivered to your drive way. Where do you think Toyota got the idea from?

  • smartacus

    You ask me what do i mean, but the answer is right there in my answer.