Swincar E-Spider is the Strangest ‘Car’ You’ll Ever See in Action

Swincar E-Spider is the Strangest ‘Car’ You’ll Ever See in Action

What’s part car, part spider? A Swincar E-Spider, apparently.

A creation out of France, the Swincar E-Spider boasts independent suspension and an electric motor for each of its four wheels, allowing it to be extremely nimble and able to navigate through nearly anything in its way. The vehicle, if you want to call it that, uses a technology that lets each axle arm and wheel function on their own, creating one versatile ATV.

According to the company, the E-Spider can travel up and down 70-percent grades and across grades of 50 percent while the long, individually articulated legs can keep all four wheels glued to the ground.

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Each wheel is driven by either a 1 or 1.5 kW motor, delivering huge amounts of torque almost instantly. Underneath the driver’s legs is a battery pack with 2, 4 or 6 kWh storage, depending on the vehicle’s specifications. Amazingly, steering the Swincar E-Spider occurs through a traditional steering wheel that turns the front and rear wheels in opposition.

Created by Pascal Rambaud, Jerome Arsac and Thierry James, the Swincar has been in development for eight years and is almost production-ready, believe it or not. That is, of course, if the company is able to find investors, resellers, distributors and partnerships to help bring it to the masses. Swincar even has plans for a two-seater if things take off, as well as a variant with joystick steering.

Watch the Swincar in action below:

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    very impressive level of suspension articulation.

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