Tony Stewart Getting Sued by Kevin Ward Jr.’s Family

Tony Stewart Getting Sued by Kevin Ward Jr.’s Family

Tony Stewart is getting sued by the family of Kevin Ward Jr.

The Ward family is alleging that Stewart “gunned his engine, causing his 700 horsepower vehicle to slide and strike Ward with his right rear tire, crushing Ward and flinging his body an estimated 25 feet down the track.” Stewart was cleared of all criminal charges in the death of Kevin Ward Jr. last year.

The lawsuit is being filed by New York City lawyer Mark Lanier and follows up on the Ward’s family vow to sue Stewart after he was cleared of criminal wrongdoing.

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Kevin Ward Jr. was killed after being hit by Stewart’s race car during a dirt track Sprint car race last August. When announcing that Stewart wouldn’t face any criminal charges, it was revealed that Ward Jr. was under the influence of marijuana and that the levels “were enough to impair judgment.”

  • tp1943

    This is the new industry in the United States. Parents raise a stupid kid, who does a stupid act that costs him his life. Voila, sue the person who who was unfortunately swept up by the stupid act. It’s the parents fault this kid died plus his use of illegal drugs.

  • Ted

    I have watched these race cars since the 50’s. It can be an avoidance move to clear another car that is in it’s path. That was, is the reason for the engine light up to slide past the exposed driver on a very poor lighted track. To say Stewart intentionally killed this young driver is unfair. In this case it was a driver that got out of the safety of his car to confront Stewart. It is very sad, and Stewart will never forget this situation for the rest of his life.

  • Reckoning Day

    Either the Wards are greedy money mongers, or they need to go on welfare…

  • Reckoning Day


  • smartacus

    Kevin Ward Jr. was a tremendously successful young man.
    Not only as the laureate of the 2014 Darwin Award, but as the one responsible for sinking the medical marijuana ballot initiatives in a few state elections last November.