2015 Mazda Adventure Rally Day 3: Intro

2015 Mazda Adventure Rally Day 3: Intro

Yesterday was a tough one at the Mazda Adventure Rally, but we survived. We had to run around British Columbia finding clues, called people about their cars and had to drive like hell to get to the final destination on time. Was it all worth it?

The Mazda Adventure Rally isn’t your typical ride and drive event. In fact, it’s hard to tell exactly what it is. It’s  not quite the same as a happy-go-lucky first drive event, where we get to leisurely take our time with the cars we’re testing. It’s much more serious than that. With up to $10,000 at stake for charity, it’s about winning and losing.

Yesterday it felt like we did more losing than winning. As you may recall, we had some difficulty identifying the model year of a truck, and resorted to calling the owner of the vehicle for help. Sadly their hypothesis of their truck being a ’50 was incorrect. Apparently it was definitely a ’55 as evidenced by its open drive shaft (or so the other members of the rally say.) It turns out many people did the same thing, and were all outraged that someone wouldn’t know the year of the vehicle they were using for a promotional billboard.

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IMG_20150922_125657We also heard other stories about getting lost at the Harper Mountain Ski Hill, like we did, but no one drove as hard as Mike to beat the time penalty.

Furthermore, we missed a scene or two in our photograph challenge, meaning we missed out on a few extra points. We drove at such high speeds, it was hard to keep an eye on the surrounding scenery to find the photos we were given.

As a result we now sit in fourth place in the rally, just one point away from finishing in the money and three points away from first place. It’s not good knowing you may not finish in the top three, but it’s not a place to be in. Think about it, we have nothing to lose, while the other competitors ahead of us have all the pressure on them to stay in the positions they’re in. Let’s put the pressure on them.

In the words of famous baseball player Yogi Berra (Who passed away today, may he rest in peace) “It ain’t over, till its over.”