Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Laps the Nurburgring in 7:39


Alfa Romeo chose the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show to show off its new performance sedan and to reveal some new information on the car. 

The Italian brand claims that the Giulia has lapped the legendary Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 39 seconds, the fastest time ever for a sedan and a full 14 seconds faster than its chief rival, the BMW M4. Power for the Italian sports car comes from a Ferrari-built turbocharged 2.9-liter six-cylinder engine that makes 510 hp.

In a straight line, the Giulia can jump to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds, while performance additions like a dual-clutch transmission and torque vectoring help the car rip through laps on the race track. Rear-wheel drive is standard on the car while all-wheel drive is available and it is unknown as to which setup was used to set the lap record. A curb weight of 3359 lbs and perfect 50/50 weight distribution also go a long way in helping the Giulia QV go fast.

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Alfa also revealed pricing for the car in its home market of Italy, where it will cost 79,000 Euros to start. Add on carbon ceramic brakes and carbon fiber seats though and the price tage jumps to 95,000 Euros. European sales will begin at the end of 2016. U.S. availability is expected to begin in late 2017.

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  • johnls39 .

    Totally bad ass all around. It is time for the M3/4 to admit their defeat.

  • Mark S

    This puts all the brands on notice. CTS-V, M3/M4, C63 and C 63S and hopefully XE-R and this beauty, great RWD times for this segment.

  • Jake Biggins

    The Hyundai tail light is identical in shape to Alfas Giulietta which came well before hyundais.oops…tail light quiz

  • Jake Biggins

    The Italians invented the sports saloon, its taken too long to take the crown back from the germans

  • Matt

    Why did it take the Italians, with one exception, so long to jump on the performance band waggon?

    When you have Subaru Foresters, and Ford Focus’ producing 200 bhp, the Italians lost all pretence of being performance cars, with one exception. the Fiat Coupe 20vt. Yet a few decades the Alfa Sud, the Lancia Beta, the Fulvia, the Alfa GTV, were the pack leaders.
    Good to see at least one back on form, now they immediately need to add 50 bhp to every car they produce!

  • emcon1

    There have always been Alfas with performance like the 3.2 GTA and GTV versions with 260+ bhp. And they are really quick. In the 159 range even the 1750 tbi produces 200bhp.

  • Matt

    And how many decades has it taken them to get to the TBi?

  • emcon1

    Please don’t ask stupid questions when you only focus on one part of the answer. There have been various V6 engines that will rip anu other 2.0 turbo appart and you bitch over the tbi? Bugger off in your VW because you know NOTHING about Alfa Romeo.

  • Matt

    Wow, what a jerkoff you are to assume I have a WV (I have never owned one) and know nothing if Italian cars (despite having spent years working on and tuning Fiat SOHC/DOHC and Alfa DOHC engines).
    Fiat/Lancia turboed their DOHC, and blew the world away in rallying.
    What did Alfa do? Produce a big slow salon with a v6. So did Ford. Wow.
    Why didn’t Alfa turbo the flat 4 in the Sud, and produce an ‘Imprezza’ decades before Subaru did? Why did it take so long for them to produce a usable 4 cylinder turbo?
    Slow. They have been damn slow to catch up. Perhaps now, finally, they will, but a performance car? Alfa hasn’t been a manufacturer of performance cars since 1978.

  • Matt

    Come on, the Japs own this market. No one produces power like they do.

  • Jake Biggins

    Id choose any Alfa italia over a jap car no matter if it did light speed always italian.

  • Matt

    I agree, I cant stand Japanese cars, they have no feel at all. I always buy Italian.

    And that’s where the Fiat 20vt coupe comes in. 0-60 in 6, and pulls even better when its moving quick (very low drag, only front wheel drive).

    I had 165 mph out of mine once on the E40 into Brussels. They are seriously quick cars, and look, and drive, the part too.

  • Paul

    As emcon1 said you know nothing about Alfa Romeo – just shut up if you’re going to spout rubbish.

  • Matt

    Oh really, I know nothing about Alfas eh? Having owned many, and owns one today, and who has just done, himself, an inlet tract de-gunge on a JTS, common on GDI engines, and has ‘FIAT ECU Scan’ on his laptop to diagnose engine faults, and fix them, himself, we can all take great comfort from the fact that you are talking crap.

    The fact is that alfa DID produce performance cars in the 70s, the Sud, the GTV, and then sat on their laurels for the next 3 decades, gradually losing ground to the point where even Top Gear described the Breara as slow.

    Finally they produce a 4c, and now a turbo 4 pot, and at long last are again a credible performance car company.
    Sorry if the facts are so disagreeable to you, but there they are. Now run away and stop being such a baby about it.

  • emcon1

    I own a 3.2L V6 GTV, a 3.2 159ti V6 and a 2.0L Alfetta Motronic and you call a GTV a slow saloon. Dumb ass. Suck on your Golf’s balls.

    In the 90’s there was an Alfa just like the Fiat Coupe and Lancia with the same drivetrain as the Lancia Delta Integrale Evo. It was called the 155 Q4. Now fuck off because you totally disregarded this car but bring up the Lancia and Fiat. Before the 155 Q4 there was the 75 Turbo and Evoluzione models which were the most potent 1.8L turbo cars in the world at their time. You sir know nothing. Absolutely nothing. And you have proven that.

  • emcon1

    You. Know. Nothing.

    Nobody is bragging about the Alfas they owned. Or the FES on their laptops (who doesn’t have this?) Or whatever the hell you are talking about. Just to put things into perspective:

    My 3.2 GTV does 0-200 in 16 seconds and runs off the 280km/h clock. But this is slow according to you. You wouldn’t know this would you? Because you listen to top gear.

    My 159 3.2 V6 Ti does 0-100 in 6.9 seconds and tops out at over 255km/h and is faster than a 330i bmw. But it is slow. Right?

    None of the previous 3 Alfas I owned were slow for their class. And if you want to compare an Alfa ro an impreza I suggest you get inside the plastic Imprezza and then into the quality interior of an Alfa and decide where ypu would rather be.

  • Matt

    “you call a GTV a slow saloon” No, that is your interpretation, I was referring to the later saloons of course. I already, which I guess in your failed to read, already stated that the GTV was the last performance car Alfa made.

    “155 Q4” A rebodied Lancia Delta Integrale. Which proves my point. It wasn’t an alfa any more than the Arno was.

    “75 Turbo and Evoluzione models which were the most potent 1.8L turbo cars” producing the same power as the 2.0L twin spark? So I assume it was the fastest 1.8 turbo because it was the only 1.8 turbo?
    And then what did they don in the intervening years, while the rest of the world produced more and more power, and economy, from increasingly smaller engines? They threw the V6 in didn’t they, calling it a GTA. And this did what for the handling? Why is the 147 GTA 3 seconds slower on TG than the Focus? Because that engine, now 30 years old, is just too heavy. Put a modern engine, with less power, but smaller in the new Guiletta, the TBi, and its almost a second quicker to 60 than the smaller 147.

    Finally, Alfa produce decent performance cars again. The 4C and the Guiletta TBi.

  • Matt

    No, compared to an M3 they are all slow. Very slow.

    And what does that v6 out front do for the handling? Ruins it. It has since the days of the old GTV, and does with the 147 GTA, which is why it is pitifully slow compared to its competitors.

    “Nobody is bragging about the Alfas they owned” not bragging, just showing you that you are making baseless assumptions.

    “Or whatever the hell you are talking about” Clearly something about which you know nothing.

  • emcon1

    Nah you own Alfas but know nothing.
    I have a 3.2 GTV that is faster than it’s generation of M3 (E46). From standstill to top-end. So you do know nothing. Go to Youtube and search “GTV 0-200 in 16 seconds” which is as fast as an E46 M3. I also have a 45 secnd clip where I accelerate from about 40 to 260 on a damp road losing traction so hard that I short shift from 4th to 6th to get some traction. But you probably don’t want to believe that. Besides, my GTV tops out at over 280km/h (278km/h on GPS) with much less power than an M3.

  • Matt

    Modified? Because standard an M3 is quicker.

    What I know is Alfas were the performance cars of the 70s, DOHC hemis, sodium filled exhaust valves, gear box in the back, and rock solid, unbreakable mechanicals.

    And then for 20 years they didn’t evolve. Just look at that V6 you have. Its the same engine as in the 1970s GTV (unless you modified it). And the rest of the world progressed, caught up, and overtook them. Now, thank god, they are finally coming back with a hot engine, the 4 pot turbo, which in 1.8 liter form is putting out some serious power. Just look at how much quicker the Guiletta TBi is than other Alfa saloons. That’s the benefit of small light engines.
    And the 4C. Finally a car to match Lotus.
    (By the way German cars are limited to 250 k by agreement, so don’t pay too much attention to the top end. )

  • emcon1

    Exactly the same?
    It’s a 24V with new crank, cylinder heads, 24V and new liners. The only similarity is the box it comes in: the aluminium block. That is”similar”. Not the same. But you wouldn’t know that, now would you.

    The original engine was a 12V single cam per bank engine with rockers operating the exhaust valves. The new engine is 24V quad cam with hydraulic direct actiated tappets on each valve. Not even the exhaust manifolds would fit, neither would the cambelts, oil pump or anything else. Internally the new engine has oil injectors under the pistons for crown cooling. The rest I trust you can look up for yourself. I’m not your teacher.

  • Ol

    3.2 GTV run 0-200 in 16 sec. LOL. You are crazy ? Around 25 sec is the good time.
    159 V6 faster than 330i. LOL too…

  • emcon1

    Lol. My 3.2 GTV does it in 3.2 seconds. It’s not quite stock I might add. But my stock 3.2 159ti is deffinitely faster than a BMW 330i of the same era. And faster than a 3.2 Audi. And lighter than both of them. But it’s still fat though. Because that’s what you want to hear bro.

  • emcon1

    One answer. Alfa Giulia. Look that up 😉

  • emcon1

    Lol too true! And the new Toyota hatch!

  • Matt

    Finally caught up with the Nissan Skyline have they?

  • Matt

    Who said exactly? Your V6 is an old engine despite Alfas attempts to modernise it.

    Then look at their JTS engine. What a disaster. Its not even as good as the old twin cam (that also goes back to the 70s despite the addition of 2 spark plugs, which I am sure to you makes it brand new).

  • emcon1

    The twin spark engine in the 156 was brand new when it debuted in the 145/146. But what would you know. The 1970’s TS motors were Nord. The 1990’s TS motors were Fiat based in dimension and is in no way based on the 1970’s Lampredi engine used by Fiat. There were 3 previous TS engines: The “Junior” GTA engine, TS Nord with variable valve timing as fitted to the Alfa 75 and the 1995cc Fiat block as used in the original 155. The later 155’s got the new 1970cc all alfa romeo TS engine at the same time the 145/146 got it.

    Once again, what would you know anyway.