Crazy Bloodhound SSC Record-Breaking Rocket has 135,000 HP!

Crazy Bloodhound SSC Record-Breaking Rocket has 135,000 HP!

The Bloodhound Project team has unveiled the world’s fastest and most advanced race car.

Called the Bloodhound SSC, the project is the culmination of eight years of research, design and manufacturing that included more than 350 companies and universities. Producing 135,000 thrust horsepower, the 13.5-meter streamliner uses jet and rocket motors to be the world’s most powerful land vehicle. On display in record attempt configuration, the Bloodhound SSC features a two-meter high tail fin, a necessary addition for stability at high speed. Carbon fiber panels have been partially removed on one side of the race car to show off its technology, which includes a Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine and a supercharged Jaguar V8 that is used to pump oxidizer into the Nammo rocket.

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The Bloodhound SSC has been designed to reach 1,000 mph and for safety it incorporates three separate braking systems, seven fire extinguishers and 500 sensors. Created by a team of Formula 1 and aerospace experts, the Bloodhound SSC also received assistance from the Army’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and technicians from the RAFs 71 Squadron that built the tail fin.

The first record-setting attempt will take place October 15 in South Africa.

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