BMW, Jeep America’s Most Instagrammed Car Brands

BMW, Jeep America’s Most Instagrammed Car Brands

BMW is the most popular automaker on Instagram, based on geotagged posts in the U.S.

Auto Insurance Center looked through more than 4.6 million Instagram posts created by users from January 2011 to July 2015, concentrating on posts geotagged in the U.S. and containing the name of an automaker in hashtagged form. The result? BMW had 710,335 Instagram posts, a substantial amount over second place finisher Jeep with 451,177 posts. Ferrari was third with 387,967 posts while Porsche (357,915) and Nissan (346,399) rounded out the top five.

Sitting at the bottom of the list as the only three automakers with less than 100,000 Instagram posts were GMC (48,108), Mercedes-Benz (30,544) and Chrysler (18,555).

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The trend continues when you break down most popular automaker by state, with BMW and Jeep taking up the majority of the U.S. map. Removing those two brands, however, is when things get a bit interesting. Toyota, Audi, Dodge, Ford, Volkswagen and Ferrari are all second most popular in some states with Toyota and Dodge being tied for first, as second most popular in 11 states a piece. Ford is the second most popular car brand in eight states.

Overall, BMW was the most popular automaker in 21 states while Jeep took the crown in 19 states. Ferrari was third with four states to its nameplate. The remaining states favored Dodge, Ford, Honda and Toyota.

[Source: Auto Insurance Center]

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