BMW M2 Reportedly Debuting October 14


The BMW M2 will reportedly make its official debut at the DTM finale at Hockenheim-Ring.

The BMW M2 has been spied testing numerous times in recent months and will reportedly have 365 horsepower and 343 pound-feet of torque. Orders for the M2 are expected to start towards the end of the year in November ahead of first deliveries starting April 2016. As for its first auto show appearance, the BMW M2 will be featured on the show floor at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show in January.

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According to BMW Blog, the BMW M2 will launch with four shades: Long Beach Blue, Alpine White, Mineral Grey and Black Sapphire. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six engine will also have an overboost function similar to what’s found on the 1M, temporarily increasing torque by 25 lb-ft in the low- to mid-range RPM levels.

The latest spy photos of the BMW M2 showcase an aggressive front end, quad-tip exhaust setup in the rear and large brakes and wheels taken from the M3 and M4 models.

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  • Mark S

    Ideally would hope that the M2 would out perform the M4, but not sure that will happen.

  • Steve

    well, I don’t know how you define outperformance, but if you mean that by Horse Power, that ain’t happening. Even if you consider other factors to judge outperformance, I think BMW will somehow downgrade every factor possible to make the pricing strategy wise, so if you want better performance, you need to go with more expensive one like M3 and M4.

  • Steve

    but then again, I prefer light weight 2 door coupe with decent power which is exact copy of M2.

  • Mark S

    I am really thinking of steering feel and handling most of all. Just wanted people to rave about the series as the drivers car, but does not seem to be happening. I read R&T’s 228i review (vs Mustang and FR-S, great read) and was thorough dejected. Even Harris who had a M235i for ages, while he gave praise, it was not one of his “this is the best thing since sliced” bread reviews that he sometimes does.

  • steve

    Hmmmm, that is interesting because I thought most analysts said M235i is like only modern BMW car that gave them that old BMW handling and balance feel that they accused BMW of losing throughout their current line up. I understand where you coming from. I can’t say enough about how much I love my 128i providing that direct feedback from road whether making a turn or going straight with hydraulic steering system. Handling, despite having near 50:50 distribution, is somewhat compromised by less HP that my car has which is about 230 HP, so it gives me decent handling too. I’m with you on making those two factors priority looking into buying M2. Hope they can balance their car perfect with all that power, so it gives us that sharp handling and sporty steering feel that we used to feel from BMW.

  • Ronald

    The 235i isn’t that light, hopefully the M2 gets a weight reduction