BMW’s CEO Just Collapsed on Stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW’s CEO Just Collapsed on Stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show

During a press conference this morning, BMW’s new CEO Harald Krueger suffered from a dizzy spell and collapsed on stage. 

Krueger had apparently been travelling extensively before the conference and was not feeling well before the presentation, but he decided to go on with it. About five minutes into the presentation, the CEO can be seen losing his balance and falling to the floor. The conference was cancelled and he was immediately taken to see a doctor. This was his first press conference as the CEO of BMW.

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“Harald Krueger experienced a moment of dizziness. As a result, the press conference was cancelled in order that Mr Krueger could be examined by a doctor. Mr Krueger’s health is stable and he is recovering well,” said a BMW spokesman.

BMW presented the new M6 Competition Package and the M6 GT3 race car during the Frankfurt Motor Show along with the X1 crossover.

[Source: Telegraph]

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  • Slartibartfast

    Haha he looks like he’s break dancing.

  • Hugh1234

    Being CEO of the world famous company is hard as much as what blue colour people think it hard work at the factory. Life is tough.

  • opinionated1945

    Tough debut. Hope Mr. Krueger’s okay…

  • smartacus

    if I had to guess, he was dehydrated

  • johnls39 .

    Not making light but that pic does look deceiving though.

  • Pete Hughes

    Just saw the Alfa Romeo Guilia and it’
    s performance figures

  • Bruce Wayne

    I’m sure his extensive health insurance will cover it.

  • Mark S

    Can happen to anyone, never funny when it does. Hopefully just one off deal and nothing serious.

  • danwat1234

    Must of been seeing the Civic live reveal today at 6:15pm and fainted.