Bugatti Vision GT Concept Teased Once Again

Bugatti Vision GT Concept Teased Once Again

Bugatti has released another teaser photo of its upcoming Vision Gran Turismo Concept. 

Although the concept will only be available to drive in the Gran Turismo video game series, the styling should mimic what we will see when the successor to the Veyron, likely called the Chiron, is eventually unveiled.

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In this photo, we see the hub of one of the car’s wheels which features a central locking system resembling special edition Veyron wheels. Based off the multitude of teasers released by Bugatti, its Vision GT concept is going to be an extreme looking race-bred machine.

The Frankfurt Motor Show will play host to the Vision GT Concept, while next year’s Geneva Motor Show will likely host the debut of the Chiron, a hybrid hypercar that is said to cost over $2 million and pack about 1,4000 hp.

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  • one understands that they already have taken some styling cues from Pagani for some the more detailed areas.