Cadillac Escalade Under Consideration to Move Upmarket


The Cadillac Escalade could be getting more expensive as the American automaker eyes moving it upmarket.

The premium luxury SUV market is growing with more entries sporting six-figure price tags, and now Cadillac is considering an expansion of the Escalade lineup to compete with ultra-luxury offerings. According to Cadillac spokesman Dave Caldwell, the American automaker has conducted studies on a more powerful and luxurious version of the Escalade, adding that “the strength of the Escalade prompts us to think about ways to delve into it even further.” A V-Series Escalade has been rumored to be in the cards to fill this niche.

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Currently, the most expensive Escalade model is the $95,870 ESV Premium trim. Although that may sound expensive enough to some, competitor Range Rover has two models that start north of the $100,000 mark. And then there are the even more luxurious SUVs joining the segment with Bentley unveiling the Bentayga last week at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Sales of the Escalade through August are up 25 percent to 22,323 units. “The argument for doing it with Escalade is strong and momentum is moving it higher,” added Caldwell. “It’s completely logical that’s where you go with it.”

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • smartacus

    Defies all logic, but objectively speaking, if there is this much demand for it; go ahead with an Escalade pickup and Dually as well, to see how far this goes.

  • Dr. Collins

    Why does Cadillac keep the shifter on the Column , I think if it was in the floor it would be sweet ?

  • Mike

    Someone who is going to spend that kind of money on a vehicle, is not going to spend it on the horrid resale of a Escalade. Of course, a few rappers don’t care.

  • Z51111

    It’s still just a dressed up gm, no thanks.