Could This Teased Crossover Concept Be Nissan’s Next Z Car?

Could This Teased Crossover Concept Be Nissan’s Next Z Car?

Nissan has sent out a teaser photo of a new crossover concept that will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. 

Adopting some of the same design language (tapered chrome grille and Z headlights) used in the new Maxima and Murano, this concept could preview what the next Z car could be: no, not a RWD coupe, but a sporty crossover. A Nissan executive has been quoted recently hinting that the next Z car could be a performance-oriented crossover.

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The concept could also be hinting at what the next Juke could look like, but this option doesn’t seem as likely. Although Nissan did confirm that a second-generation Juke would be built, it said that those updates will focus on technology and comfort upgrades, and not an exterior redesign.

Nissan didn’t give any information about this teaser photo except the following few lines:

“Nissan pioneered the crossover sector with its amazingly successful Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail ranges. With a combination of rugged 4×4 looks, hatchback running costs, luxury car rivalling technology and quality, more than 2.5 million have been sold across Europe.

So can Nissan continue to innovate and move the bar higher? What if Nissan created a new way to feel driving excitement? The answer will come at the Frankfurt motor show.”

Clearly, this crossover will focus on sporty driving dynamics, and especially with the concept’s radical take on Nissan’s now signature Z lights, it is sure to be a looker. A crossover Z would be a bold and controversial expansion of the Japanese automaker’s iconic Z lineup of sports cars.

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  • Paul J Davies

    Kind of reminds me of

  • Paul J Davies
  • craigcole

    What?! A crossover version of the Z-car? This is blasphemy!

  • Mark S

    🙁 was not happy when I was reading that the Nismo IDx was not gonna happen. RWD, little 1.6t and lightweight, sounded like a great recipe. Maybe they saw the lackluster FR-S/BRZ sales and got cold feet.

  • Mark S

    The Z with a CVT? Yikes!

  • Cody Archuleta

    NO!!!!!! I dont like it the z is supposed to be their sexy little two seater power house not a crossover… Nissan has enough crossovers.. This will discourage die hard z fans if this car is put in the works for production