Cringeworthy: Watch This LaFerrari Driver Brutalize His Car and Break the Law

Cringeworthy: Watch This LaFerrari Driver Brutalize His Car and Break the Law

Ferrari drivers don’t have the best reputation. This guy makes all the rest look like saints.

Watch as this driver of a stunning yellow LaFerrari hypercar treat his million-dollar machine like a rented Corolla.

That’s also how he treats the law.

The video below was taped in suburban Beverly Hills and shows the LaFerrari driver scrape and smash his pricey exotic, before almost slamming into another car and running a stop sign.

Another driver in a Porsche GT3 isn’t far behind. Neither are the police, who show up shortly after the LaFerrari has taken enough abuse and starts smoking.

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And watch it all from another angle here.

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  • Alex Laverick

    What fools. I hope the cars were impounded and the licenses revoked

  • Mariano Palmero

    I just hope next time it burns to the ground for being a total idiot!!

  • Lungs_of_Steel

    I am not understanding how this was put together from beginning to end. This doesn’t appear to be so random.

  • Christopher

    Arab Money… Same shit goes on in London every summer…. Just a shame. Paints supercars drivers as douchebags, Most are not and this doesn’t help us.

  • Reckoning Day

    We need more fat rich ugly immigrants !…

  • Bart knaushoff

    The almost everyone in the US are immigrants .. you think you originate from there? Well think again ..

  • Larry Miller

    One newscast showing the photographer making the video indicated that the driver was from Qatar and that the car had diplomatic plates which usually means that you walk away from any damage or death that you cause. Wonder if the Beverly Hills police check with the State Department before issuing any pesky citation. Ain’t it wonderful to be above the law.

  • yonus guy

    i find it strange god wants fat pedohile dickhead supercar drivers to run the world , god oviously knew the arabs had all the oil , meanwhile young girls are being groomed for rape all over europe and the world is becoming a very dangerous place for none muslims , and theres mass beheadings all over the middle east , who would of thought god wanted this for us , thankyou very much god

  • Reckoning Day

    In that case, boy, are YOU ever in trouble !……..

  • Reckoning Day

    No sweetie, I originate from Denmark which means I… Yes I….am a bonafide Viking raper and pillager, of which YOU aren’t… I have pedigree you see, and you have what ? What ???..speak up now !… Yes that’s it, you have NOTHING !…. Time to go and shoot yourself. Cheers !

  • CSUFan

    I would have sworn that Justin Bieber was about to hop out of it….but an Arab with diplomatic immunity is about as bad. What if he’d hit a kid on a bike?

  • yonus guy

    of course we are , the devil owns the world right now , who cares

  • Reckoning Day

    Only a JW would know that information….