Fate of Toyota-BMW Sports Car to be Decided by Year’s End

Fate of Toyota-BMW Sports Car to be Decided by Year’s End

A production decision on the jointly developed sports car between BMW and Toyota will be made before 2015 comes to a close. 

It was back in 2012 when BMW and Toyota announced a memorandum of understanding had been signed, aimed at joint development in four different areas: fuel cells, lightweight technologies, powertrain electrification and architecture and components for a future sports car.

“By the end of the year we will approve whether or not we will make it,” a Toyota spokesman told Automotive News Europe. “The whole study before that, on what kind of platform, on what kind of architecture, that’s been progressing quite well. We haven’t yet decided to give the green light to the project, but it’s coming up.”

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BMW’s CFO recently said that the two company’s have been in talks about intensifying the collaboration, which could mean that discussions of where and how to build the car have already been taking place. He did not offer any details on the discussion.

Ever since the announcement, rumors have been swirling around the joint project, with the majority suggesting that the new sports car would spawn a Z4 for BMW and a Supra for Toyota.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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  • Jax

    If the car gets made, it’ll be another Toyota shell filled with some other automaker’s guts. Toyota needs to man the fuck up and make their own sports car. If this thing gets made, it’ll be somewhere in the realm of 50K.

  • smartacus

    still dangling the carrot.

  • johnls39 .

    Anything BMW gets their grubby hands on, I would not count against Toyota’s quality being in the toilet with the upcoming car shared with BMW.

  • RC

    I hope it gets Toyota reliability. Sorry BMW.

  • YOW, serious loyalties. Jax, while tearing in/out and generally keeping All Trac running, till the fire, found parts from Mitsu, Lotus, and a few surprising others. Supra was maybe closest to sports car they have gotten.