Help Us Pick the Best Looking Hyundai Concept Car of All Time

Help Us Pick the Best Looking Hyundai Concept Car of All Time

Hyundai knows sexy.

Yup, the booming automaker from Korea has been breathing life into some great looking concept cars for close to three decades now. While most of us think of the Italians, Americans or British when it comes to gorgeous show-stopping cars, it’s Hyundai who keeps stealing the spotlight with unsuspecting concepts like the original HCD-I and Santa Cruz. And this week Hyundai is getting ready to show the world yet another sexy concept at the Frankfurt auto show.

But which of these cars is the best looking? Well, once again we are looking for your help in ranking the top best looking Hyundai concept cars of all time. Up vote your favorites and down vote the ones you don’t like. Let us know which one is your favorite of all time in the comments below.

  • Idce

    Why do we care? A ten year old can draw a cool looking concept, yet that means nothing a far as their car building skills. Hyundai keeps putting out shitty cars despite some admittedly cool concepts shown here. Concepts don’t mean anything when you don’t use them. Shitty cars are still shitty cars regardless of how good you are with Adobe Illustrator.

  • Delcy Voisine

    Anyone who repeatedly uses an impolite word in discourse reveals only his or her low level of intelligence coupled with the ability to characterize self as being a green-eyed monster (personification of envy).

  • Idce

    Anyone who initiates an argument on the internet that has nothing to do with the topic at hand is obviously an ego maniac who only seeks to inflate his or her own self-importance by pointing things out about other people. See? I can pass judgment too. It is really easy to do.

    Your interpretation of people who use vulgar words is that they lack vocabulary. This is not always the case. Sometimes a vulgarity is used to emphasize, make a statement, or to be shocking for fun-almost like spoken italics.

    Please get off the internet if you are going to be a pretentious, haughty, judgmental person. Thanks

  • Idce

    Oh, and I have ZERO envy about anything related to this matter. I’m not sure where that supposition came from.

  • mas921

    HND-9 by far is the best looking!

  • Delcy Voisine

    Your dislike of Hyundai leading designs and superior products reveals bias and envy.

  • Idcej

    OoooKaaaay…and all of your posts reveal your bias and blatant fanboyism toward Hyundai. You seem to compare many cars to the 2013 elantra that you talk about so much. The prius? Really? Hyundai stole their design? Hyundai has ripped their designs from Honda, Toyota and so many other manufacturers and in such a poor way, the 2013 elantra already looks outdated. And so many car journalists have even said as much. Please don’t defend your purchases by claiming that the company is superior.

  • Idce

    And to clarify, you compared the looks of the civic, a cadillac, and the new prius to the 2013 Sonata. I went back to look at your posts so i could state things a little more accurately. In any case, believe me, no one is copying Hyundai’s designs. Once again, continually referencing and defending the car you bought doesn’t mean they have “leadership in automotive design”. In fact Hyundai trails, needing to copy everyone else, but doing it poorly. I won’t respond anymore to you, since fanboys are unreasonable.

  • DClark

    I’m surprised the Hyundai RM15 concept car isn’t an option, as that’s what I’d vote for. They have a running version made (though I don’t expect a ~300hp engine in a retail version), It looks great, and I’d love to see the Veloster re-imagined as an affordable mid engine, rear wheel drive car.

  • JIn

    But it is worth the money for the quality that you get not to mention Hyundai’s power trains.
    Why do you think Hyundai and Kia went sky rocketing over powering Honda and Toyota… with the technology that they may have “copied” or researched. As far as I know, in most of engineering industry, the projects are literally copying the concept, and improving the “product”. So if you think Hyundai’s are shitty cars, get your car next to mine. 2015 Genesis Coupe 3.8 will make you eat dust.
    and guess what, I have 10 years or 100,000 miles warranty, and free car wash and oil change for maintenance, what do you have? dum dum dum

  • Stray

    Why don’t you two stick to topic…good grief!