Hyundai Previews Future of Design with Vision G Coupe Concept


Hyundai has taken the wraps off its latest concept, the Vision G, a dramatic yet elegantly styled coupe that previews what the Korean automaker has in store for its future cars. The automaker has already been winning car buyers with value and reliability, so performance, style and luxury are the next logical stepping stones.

“The design is our interpretation of the idea that Hyundai breathes into all of its vehicles – a DNA that balances design and performance with the idea that you don’t need to be over the top in terms of glitz and stereotypical luxury cues,” said Peter Schreyer, Hyundai’s president and chief design officer, in a press release.

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Unveiled during the prestigious Monterey Car Week and at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the location for this media reveal speaks volumes about the upmarket aspirations Hyundai has for its brand and future cars. Hyundai is in need of a halo car, and the Vision G gives us a hint at what it might be like.

Hyundai Vision G Coupe Concept

The coupe’s long hood, high-beltline proportions are classic and the car immediately stands out as something athletic and posh. The car’s front end is dominated by a strong grille and a big Genesis badge.

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Sporting purposeful, lean lines, the Vision G is one of the most elegant concepts Hyundai has shown in a while. Hyundai designers tried to embody the notions of “chivalry” and “respectful luxury” into the concept. Designers also said they were inspired by modern, clean cut fashion when penning the coupe. Expect this new design language to trickle down into the next generation of Hyundai production cars, especially the Equus and the Genesis.

The Vision G is a refreshing change from the barrage of unrealistic and hyper-aggressive looking crossover concepts we’ve seen so much of. This looks like a car that can actually exist. Clearly hinting at what a future Hyundai luxury sports car could look like, the Vision G is powered by the award winning Tau V8 engine. The 5.0L engine, which powers the Genesis sedan (’s 2015 Car of the Year), produces 420 hp at 6,000 rpm and 383 lb-ft of torque at 5,000 rpm. Applied to a lightweight, purpose-built sports car, this engine has huge potential.

Vision G Coupe Concept

The interior has beautiful diamond quilted, cream-coloured leather seats and classy wood accents. The dashboard is dominated by a digital gauge cluster and a wide, curved LCD infotainment screen, an industry first. There’s also hardly any buttons on the dash, which makes the interior look clean and modern.

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The Vision G will make its public debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, a space typically reserved for exotic supercars and ultra luxurious marques. The Vision G will also likely be making its rounds at this year’s upcoming auto shows. Hyundai is trying to make a bold statement with the new concept, and there’s really no better place to do it than with the giants of the automotive world at Pebble Beach.

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  • smartacus

    I like how they are showcasing some features on future Genesis vehicles.
    My favorites are the searchlight patterned quilting on the seats and the circumferential pinhole rings in the Lexicon door speakers

  • mas921

    Venance Concept over this one any day! This is screaming “yacht” heavy! also the rear end is bizarre to say the least! i really hope they stick to the venance more, although i have a bad feeling about that >_<

  • bd

    Me too, but Hyundai is evidently going after the midsize GT market rather than a smaller sports coupe.

  • Jim Mc Cool

    WOW! The Infiniti Q60 doesn’t come out till the 3rd quarter of 2017 and already Genesis has cloned the front end. Nice work Genesis.

  • YoureWeird

    This front end design language already existed with the 2013 Genesis Coupe and is a further evolution of the current Genesis Sedan design language, if you care to follow the car industry at all. If anything, Audi should get the credit for the hexagonal grille.

  • Jim Mc Cool

    Thanks for your snide reply!

  • bd

    Actually, Hyundai was doing the hexa-shaped grill long before Audi (started doing it on concepts back in 2005-6) and then started to use it on production models (starting with its Euro models).

    In addition, Hyundai has already used this variation of the hexa-shape on the current Genesis sedan and on previous concepts like the Intrado.

    Also, the headlights on this and the Q60 concept are more like the headlights on the previous Sonata (particularly, the Sonata hybrid).

  • YoureWeird

    Yeah i am aware of Hyundai’s initial hexa concepts but i dont like to give them credit because of their massive center bar that has been there since the concepts and has only recently elongated or started to hide the bar. I gave Audi the credit because they popularized it through better execution in the same time frame.

  • YoureWeird

    Make more useful comments then. Automotive comments for Hyundai are always about copying. I understand the sentiment, but the canvas is rather limited when you’re talking machines that have to share the same basics. The bigger question should be if they’re executing the design better and still retaining their branding. So many car designs now are just rehashes of days gone anyway.

  • Jim Mc Cool

    Now you are talking. I have no beef of any one coping any one’s design. Note I even commented that it was nice work coping the Infinity Q60. I should explain I was referring to to front valance panel and headlights and slim mirrors. The grille is also a little like the Infiniti, but definitely in keeping with Hyundai, ( including the coupe, which you mentioned.)

    My motto is copy all you want if it makes the design work better or makes the car less costly.

  • YoureWeird

    Yep, i figure we’re picky people who like certain designs so they need to make smart financial calls to sell. More choices for us is always better anyway.

  • Aluus

    Looks like Hyundai’s take on a 6 series…

  • hellranger

    I’m thinking Aston Martinish.

  • bd

    So don’t give Hyundai the credit for originating the hexagonal shape just b/c it had a bar across?

    And Hyundai was also using the hexagonal grill shape on their Euro models (like the i30) before Audi started to use it and if you are going to give Audi the credit, mind as well give some to Subaru since they started to do it about the same time.

  • YoureWeird

    Well, yes, and essentially because that bar creates a dual grille system, even if it is encompassed within a larger hexagonal shape. There was no attempt to make it look like an elongated hexagonal grille than spans from the hood to nearly the bottom of the bumper. The shape we’re seeing these days is an elongated and lowered single hexagonal grille, which i consider to be another design and sprouting from the Audi side. You may or may not agree with me on this, but that is why i see them as two different designs. The Subaru design is also a two grille system that has an upper hexagonal shape.

  • Bill Bentley

    I see some heavy Bentley Continental GT inspiration here. Certainly the side profile with the shape of the doors, the rear quarter haunches and the mesh grill. Definitely some Aston Martin too. I like the look of it from every angle except the rear. Not a fan of the trunk lid.

  • J.R.

    If you are old enough to be not stupid, then I suggest you act your age. The infiniti never used a hexagonal grille… and looking similar to your ‘untrained eyes’ doesn’t mean it “cloned”. Grow up… you already smell really bad due to your age…

  • Hubart

    I am not sure if I like the way of Hyundai. Like, I want to make a car that looks like VW… Oh we have money let’s buy the designer! Later… I want to make a car that looks like Bentley… Oh We got more money let’s buy the designer!!…. Engine? I think we got a V8 engine from stupidly friendly Mitsubishi in 1999.

  • Galapagos Q Duck

    looks like something I wouldn’t be seen in. To much of trying hard to be something that it isn’t & not enough just right to keep it real.

  • Jim Mc Cool

    Instead of insults, try reading the conversation with “Your Weird” just below this. I explained I was not talking about the grille. I was speaking of the Front valance panel, head lights and small mirrors. That bad smell you smell could be your breath. Incidently, I have owned a G35 and G37S, both great, fine looking cars.

  • locstar

    All i know is as a 13 gen coupe owner.. i’m glad to see hyundai progressing the way they have but.. i feel if a car like this or some of the other concepts that i have seen were put into production as is current gen coupe owners would be somewhat upset.. i just feel the progression is a giant leap instead of a step which it should be..

  • J.R.

    Clearly the bad smell is still coming from your senile body. If you are old enough to be not stupid, then I suggest you act your age.
    No, there is nothing here for you to prove convincingly or absolutely & say that it is “cloned”. Similarity in valance panel, grille, DLO, side mirrors, body profile, headlights, tail lights, etc. can be found everywhere/everyday in our automotive design industry today.
    A granny who lives down the street who has untrained eyes just like you once thought that my neighbour’s Porsche 911 was a VW Beetle because the valance panel, headlights & profile looked generally the same. You are no different. No wonder that you had to say that the front end was “cloned” when it was only ‘similarity’.
    Shame on you, ignorant Hater.

  • Jim Mc Cool

    My mom told me two things when I was a kid.One ,don’t argue with idiots Two, shit comes from an ass hole. You fill both categories.

  • J.R.

    Wow, you sound hurt & defeated. Look at this old stinking senile hater run away because he can’t defend his own hating ignorant nonsense… LOL.
    Lying losers always run away in this way….

  • bd

    Um, no.

    Hyundai was doing these types of headlights (elongated and placed at the side) and grill (hexagonal-shaped) LONG before the Q60.

  • bd

    The headlights here have more in similarity with those on the Sonata hybrid than the Q60.

  • bd

    Don’t think current Gen coupe owners would be upset if the coupe replacement looked liked the HND-9 Venace concept.

    This would be a higher-end (think 6 Series level) coupe.

  • locstar

    I understand and you make a valid point. However, my point is that if something like this (6 series) was the new coupe you will most likely be paying for it. Thus, removing the vast majority of the people that own the current models from being able to purchase one. I understand the principle but, as a man that is only in his 3rd year of work after college the coupe now was something I could afford and is a great car. Obviously, I’m sure Hyundai wouldn’t quite be charging 6 series prices but I would Imagine something like this concept would be in th 40k-50k price range.. which is out of mine

  • Genesis

    Yeah it’s ok. I must admit, waiting to receive a new coupe from Hyundai (and not the Veloster) in Australia, its a little like, meh! Waiting soooo long now, and I’m hoping this is not the final decision on the model. Front looks pretty good, the back end does not at all compliment the front. It looks between the Chysler 300c and BMW 635d coupe! Looks like two different cars welded together! Hyundai, you can do better. You already showed us with the HND-9. The waiting and the changing of the concept is getting annoying and deterring potential customers. Wow factor is definitely missing here.